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Conrad – The Author. Oh, and that pissy little girly!

February 4, 2010

Just came across this on my travels.

Yes, it’s Conrad(Aaarrgghh! kill it, kill it, kill it dead!) in his guise as a writer(did i really just say that?).

Anyway, i thought it was a pretty good story, as shorty’s go.

You can find it here.


Oh, and by the way, pissy little girly is about to start posting reviews(woo-hoo!).

She’s a girl that one, ain’t she, ay!?!


J. Robinson Wheeler Talking IF

December 11, 2009

For those that haven’t yet found it, here’s a link to a great little video-talk about IF.  You’ll find it here on the Taking Inventory site.

Well worth a look.



woo-hoo…! Holidays

October 30, 2009

Just a little note to my millions of fluffy followers(ahem!).  I’ll be away for about a week as of this afternoon visiting family in the dear ol’ Motherland.

Only 3 reviews left, which i’ll pick up on when i return.

Have fun, and don’t drink too much.

As if, huh!? <snigger>