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Deadline Enchanter

November 22, 2009

This, from Conrad(Aaaargghh! kill it, kill it dead) of onewetsneaker fame made me think,

“I’m not seeing much of a pattern in the positive reports, largely because people enthuse but they don’t talk much about *why* they like the game.  Particularly, many of the reviews I’m finding are of the written-while-playing variety.  They don’t tend to be very analytical.”

Well, guilty as charged my friend(please be friendly(at least to me anyway)).  So, i’ve decided to do something about it.  Unfortunately the ifcomp is now over and i’ve already reviewed all of the entered games, so what to do to test this little theory.

“They don’t talk about *why* they like the game.” hmmmm…!

“They don’t tend to be very analytical.” Uh-huh! ok.

Very well then, lets choose a game at random(kinda); one that i like(obviously <tut>) and review it with a view to analysing why i like it and then see if this method produces a deeper analysis of the game.  Also(there’s an also?), he mentions that many of the reviews are written while playing, and yep guilty again, so i’m gonna review this one after the event(ge’ez, how’m i gonna even remember stuff? more wine anyone?) and we’ll see what we shall see.


So, Deadline Enchanter, You’re on…

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IF comp 2009 – How i scored ’em

November 14, 2009

Well, it’s all over bar the shouting.  I wonder if there’ll be much shouting.  Wonder why people even say that anyway.  Wonder why i said it.

So, i’ ve played them all, some of them i’ve played far more than they deserved.  Some i’ve come back to and played again much to my own wonderment.  And some i simply played because i had to(so to speak) to enable me to rate them.

In the end i have to say, i very much enjoyed playing and reviewing them all(even the annoying ones).

Thanks to all the authors.

And thanks to all the reviewers too.

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IF comp 2009 – Yon Astounding Castle! update

November 9, 2009

Ya know, i really don’t know my own mind on this one.

I want to like it, i really do, but find it extremely annoying.  I think it wants to give me a good time but just, well there’s no other way to put it, it annoys me.  It also wants me to explore and enjoy and laugh and, yes, yes i’ve done all those things.

But it’s damned bloody annoying.

It just sodding IS.

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IF comp 2009 – GATOR-ON, update

November 7, 2009

Update to GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!

Turns out i was a little pre-emptive in attempting to locate the crow, since i hadn’t attempted to unlock the hatch in the first place, it hadn’t therefore stolen my shiny key.  In my defense, i did examine the hatch.

>x hatch
You see nothing special about the hatch.

Now, i know that a hatch in the middle of the wetlands should have made me think to pursue it further but given the fact that almost every other attempt to examine or search something has so far not been implemented, i really don’t think it was entirely down to my stupidity this time.  OK, maybe it was but… well… uh screw you!

Incidentally, i’m now way over the 2 hour limit, so if this one gets seriously good i’m gonna have a bugger of a job scoring it.

Anyway, i’m hoping that’s the hard work out the way.  Lets see.

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IF comp 2009 – Spelunker’s Quest

November 7, 2009

Here we are at the end of our great quest then. And how appropriate that our last game to review is one that has the word quest in the title. I know, i’m reaching here. Literally.

No, i’m joshing of course, it’s not that bad. Not quite that bad anyway.

Well, it’s pretty bad.

Anyway, in the words of a really angry little sausage,

Spelunker’s Quest. Caves and shit.

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IF comp 2009 – GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!

November 6, 2009

So, this one’s giving me jip.

I’m gonna have to do this review in bits. It bugs me to have to admit it, but i’m pissed off with it and enamoured of it all at the same time.


Doesn’t stop it being very, very annoying.

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IF comp 2009 – Eruption

November 6, 2009

Eruption… <big drum-roll, clash of cymbals>

Are you ever famous my friend.  There’s people and stuff been fighting over you.  Boys, Girlys, famous and er… not.  Yep, you’ve brought them all out of their deep, dark holes fists flying.  My word, but you are famous.

Why have you caused so much unrest amongst the big and the beautiful?  (…and the short and ugly!?!)

Well, lets don our armour, clench our fists before us, and enter the fray shall we?

Oh gods.  It’s another cave. <groan>

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