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Deadline Enchanter

November 22, 2009

This, from Conrad(Aaaargghh! kill it, kill it dead) of onewetsneaker fame made me think,

“I’m not seeing much of a pattern in the positive reports, largely because people enthuse but they don’t talk much about *why* they like the game.  Particularly, many of the reviews I’m finding are of the written-while-playing variety.  They don’t tend to be very analytical.”

Well, guilty as charged my friend(please be friendly(at least to me anyway)).  So, i’ve decided to do something about it.  Unfortunately the ifcomp is now over and i’ve already reviewed all of the entered games, so what to do to test this little theory.

“They don’t talk about *why* they like the game.” hmmmm…!

“They don’t tend to be very analytical.” Uh-huh! ok.

Very well then, lets choose a game at random(kinda); one that i like(obviously <tut>) and review it with a view to analysing why i like it and then see if this method produces a deeper analysis of the game.  Also(there’s an also?), he mentions that many of the reviews are written while playing, and yep guilty again, so i’m gonna review this one after the event(ge’ez, how’m i gonna even remember stuff? more wine anyone?) and we’ll see what we shall see.


So, Deadline Enchanter, You’re on…

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