IF comp 2010 – Oxygen

October 24, 2010

God-damn f@#king sci-fi.

For those of you that don’t know, i quite like sci-fi books and am partial to a good sci-fi film.  But GOD-DAMN IT, would you ever stop making games that require me to go down this conduit that looks exactly like that conduit, and oh look, i’m in a corridor that looks exactly like that corridor, and oh look, there’s a GOD-DAMN F@#KING console, and OH F@#KING LOOK,  it doesn’t have a power supply.   JEEESSSUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSS……!!!

So anyway, i’ve had a bad day and now i’ve got to play this GOD-F@#KING DAMN SCI-FI…

It’s not gonna be pretty…

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IF comp 2010 – Gris et Jaune

October 22, 2010

Woo-hoo!  More zombies.

Serious zombies this time though.  Not a cry of ‘BRAINS….’ anywhere.  Can you really be a true zombie if you don’t cry ‘BRAINS…’ every now and again?

Zombies are the new black.

Even if they don’t cry ‘BRAINS…’,  at all.

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IF comp 2010 – Death Off the Cuff

October 16, 2010

Shane Pearson is sitting in the couch with her legs crossed.

Now wait just one second there mister…  Shane is most certainly NOT a girl’s name.  I have it on very VERY VERY good authority that Shane is a very VERY VERY manly name.  In fact, i’m pretty sure Shane is one of the most manly names you’re ever likely to encounter across the whole of the multiverse.

Of course if Shane were a girl, i’m pretty sure she’d look something like this,

>x shane
Shane Pearson is a tall slender woman with semi long blond hair that just barely reaches her shoulders. Her book, How Blue Was the Sky, recently hit the bestseller list. What she is doing in England is anyones guess.

Oh yeah…  if i were gay i’d soooooo fancy Shane… COS SHANE’S A GUY’S NAME!!!

Anyway, this is about Hercule Poirot(yes it is…) and a group of suspects, one of whom’s a transsexual called Shane.

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IF comp 2010 – The Chronicler, not to be taken with alcohol!

October 15, 2010

Well, here we are again.

Lets see if we can’t get somewhere with this thing now.

One thing though.  It doesn’t half make your head hurt.

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IF comp 2010 – The Chronicler, update

October 10, 2010

Just a quick note.

I’m getting somewhere with Chronicler after all.  Don’t know what was up with me last night.  Still, i’ll update the review when i’ve made some progress, which due to work commitments may not be ’till the weekend.

Just thought i’d let you know.


IF comp 2010 – Divis Mortis

October 10, 2010

Stomach organ… <heh heh>

Ya gotta love a game that can say stomach organ and keep a straight face.

There’s other good stuff here too.

But stomach organ,  that’s just the best ever.

So, Divis Mortis.  It has a stomach organ in it!

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IF comp 2010 – The Chronicler

October 10, 2010

The Chronicler.  Sounds intriguing right?

The blurb says ‘A short game with a few interesting tricks.’

The help file says ‘Unfortunately, due to poor scheduling on my part it’s only half finished, or perhaps three-quarters.’


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