IF comp 2010 – R

October 29, 2010

I’ve never played a Scott Adams adventure before.  I’ve heard an awful lot about them over the years, and am aware that there is some sort of adventure creation kit for writing them.  But i’ve never actually played one.  Is that bad?

Well, let’s see.

Oh crap…!!

Well, the first thing to note is that the window is approximately the size of my mobile phone’s screen(Samsung Tocco Lite) and cannot be re-sized.  So i’m stuck with this teensy-weensy little, garishly coloured window that i’ve got to squint at the whole time.  The colour scheme can at least be changed in the options menu, and much to my surprise there’s an option to make it a nice simple black and white, which i did.  However, the tiny little window is a very big problem in my view.  Even if the 2 word parser wasn’t a problem and the colour-scheme altered etc, the tiny window just looks silly and feels awful to use.

The author says it took about 2 weeks to write, and to be honest if i played a dozen moves i’d be surprised, so i can’t really say whether it’s a good game or not, and i make no apologies for this either.  I’m afraid i just can’t get beyond the interface and the very, very restricting parser.  What i can say is, the Yon Astounding Castle style doesn’t fill me with joy from the outset and the outdated parser really does feel outdated.  Even if modern parsers don’t understand some of the stuff i try, at least they allow me to try it and then attempt an intelligent answer.

All-in-all i just don’t have what it takes to persist with this type of thing.  I’m sure some people love all this retro, back to the good(?) ol’ days kind of stuff, but i’m afraid it’s just not my thing and i’ll happily leave it to those who do enjoy it.

It’s gonna have to be a horrible 2 i’m afraid.  It would have been an unplayable 1, but it isn’t unplayable per se.

So, a horrible 2.  For the… ah well, you know.  And if you don’t, you soon will.


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