IF comp 2010 – Ninja’s Fate

October 29, 2010

Ninja’s Fate is a tribute to the late Paul Allen Panks. He was a true character.  Never mainstream and never attempting to be.[…]

I can’t say i know his games very well, but the dedication alone makes me want to play them.  I think it deserves points just for that.

R.I.P. Paul Allen Panks.

>throw grappling hook

Heh heh.  I can laugh at this knowing it was an intentional annoyance.  It was intentional, right?  Of course it was.  I like it.

So, i’m a ninja trying to retrieve an idol stolen from my village.  I’m the best too.  I always knew that, but now it’s written in stone.  Well, near as damn it anyway.

>attach grappling hook
What do you want to attach the grappling hook to?

You stick the grappling hook onto the entrance gate and pull – it’s firmly attached.

What do you want to climb?

You’re on top of the large building you’re trying to infiltrate. It is of the flat variety, so you can easily walk on it without fear of falling (not that an expert climber like you would need to be afraid of that otherwise). At the southern end, a trap door catches your eye.

OK, straight from the gate to the roof in one swift, ninja movement.  I like that.  I’m better than even i suspected.  And a trapdoor too.  It appears i need a rope to descend.  No problem there my friend, i’ll just retrieve my trusty grappling hook.

>get hook
You can’t see any such thing.

>get grappling hook
You can’t see any such thing.

Oh bugger.  What happened to my grappling hook.  Could have sworn i left it hanging on that gate over there.

>x gate
You can’t see any such thing.

Wait a minute now, where’s my sodding gate gone?  It was there a moment ago, i just know it was.

…and here we have the story of how i didn’t fancy entering through the trapdoor but went round the side and entered through the servants entrance… like a proper ninja.

>open door with kunai
In a swift motion, you jam your trusty kunai into the lock. Of course, this puny safety device can’t withstand your powerful tool and your skillful fingers!

Ah-huh! Her puny device cannot withstand my powerful tool.  <snigger>

>x shelves
On the shelves is a canister.

I seriously suspect this canister may be necessary.  So, after reaching the Entrance Hall,

[Your score has just gone up by forty-two points.]

Woo-hoo!  forty-two huh?  Is there gonna be a hitchhikers guide puzzle in here somewhere?  And now just let me eXamine this bust right here,

[Your score has just gone up by two hundred and three points.]

Oh sweet, i’m a major super-duper-ninja, quite clearly.  Anyway, i went through various rooms and eXamined various stuff and had some laughs with a random dragon playing computer games, and even won a game against him, look,

Your sharp reflexes combined with the training you had now allow you to beat the dragon.[…]

[Your score has just gone up by seventy-four points.]

Hooray… more points.

So i get my idol now as a kind of extra points-mean-prizes kinda thing and wander off again to explore some more.  It’s all very entertaining and jolly and i’m a happy little ninja, which is nice.  Oh, and i got ten thousand points for painting a room, which then proceeded to unpaint itself and then someone nicked my ten thousand points.  S’a bugger when that happens.  And then everything goes south.  Actually, s’just me that goes south, but still… i’m going south,

The ghost head appears in front of you for a moment, whispering: “You make me sad…” before it disappears again.[…]

*** Mission accomplished, but hearts broken (ending 4/6) ***

Ending 4/6 huh?  Maybe i’ll try for another…

I liked this a lot.  And the good thing about a game like this is, if there are little errors and incongruities and so on, you can always pretend they were intentional.  That’s what i’d do anyway.  I think if i ever write a game, i’ll use that little ruse.  It’s a good ‘un.  Seriously though, I really enjoyed myself with this one.

I’m giving it an amazing 9.  For the… well for so many, many things.  But mainly because it made me feel all wistful, and kind of gooey inside.

Very well done.

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