IF comp 2010 – Mite

October 29, 2010

Well this is cute.  Very cute.  Looks like a sort of fairy tale.  In a fairy world.  Am i a fairy?  Oh Jesus, please… don’t let me be a fairy.  Brings back so many bad school-day type of memories.

I’m not?

A pixy lad you say?  With pointy, green ears?

Fair enough.

Bit of a text dump to start off with here.  First impressions are that this could almost have been written with children in mind.  Yes, definitely a children’s fairy tale.  Bearing that in mind then, the writing’s not bad although it never really gets beyond that childlike quality.  Not a bad thing if we’re assuming that children are its target audience.

You utter one of the few magic words you know. There is a soft chiming and your eyes are drawn to the jewel.

It briefly glows ruby red and then reverts back to its pale blue hue.


The colour of the jewel changes each time you do this, as does the final exclamation.  Doesn’t have any actual affect on the game that i can see but then, it rarely does.  Still, nice to see the xyzzy tradition being upheld.

The puzzles are easy enough, and i’m not the greatest of puzzle solvers either.  I liked the one with the dandelion and tulip and the flying etc.  The descriptions are cute.  The story is… well, as i said earlier it’s very childlike(not a bad thing) and straightforward and never really gets to the point where you find yourself truly stuck.

All in all, this, i think is one for the children and as well as it’s implemented and as cute as the descriptions are, it’s not really my cup of tea.  But then it’s probably not meant to be, so fair enough.

I’m gonna give it a nice 7.  For the cute imagery, the implementation, the puzzles and other stuff like that.

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