IF comp 2010 – Sons of the Cherry

October 25, 2010

Yeah… see, i never really look forward to these CYOA choicescript type games.  They always staunch interactivity to some degree i feel.  And this one’s about witchcraft too, which is just about kind of ok-ish but never really holds my attention anyway.

But, you never know.  Maybe, just maybe…

So, this is who i am and how i start out, apparently.

This is who you are.

Title     Greenthumb
Status  TBD
Spooky          70       Sunlit
Preservation 75      Altruism
Physicality    75      Intellect

These stats were decided by the game itself based upon certain answers i gave to some initial questions at the beginning. Not too shabby perhaps, especially since i always attempt to make the choices i feel i would really make had it been happening in reality. Quite like being a Greenthumb too. I wonder though how much my choice of colour of my top at the very beginning had to do with these stats turning out the way they did?  I’m willing to bet it had a much greater influence on who i turned out to be than it had any right to.

To tell the truth, i really don’t have too much to say about this one. It started by asking me some initial questions to decide my stats and who i was etc… but then became very linear, or so it felt to me anyway.  I never really felt like my choices were having much of an affect on the main course of the story. Yes, there were clearly little differences that are applied depending on your choices at any given time, but the main flow of the story?, i’m guessing not. And even if i’m wrong(and i don’t feel any great desire to check) it still didn’t feel like it would.

Anyway, this is how i ended the game then.

Title     Greenthumb
Status  Member
Spooky          90       Sunlit
Preservation 95       Altruism
Physicality    67       Intellect

I’m excited about this… well, aren’t you?

No?  No, me neither actually…

Giving this a lame 4. For the lack of interaction, the boring bits, and railroading me into doing stuff i wouldn’t necessarily have done had i been allowed to interact properly.


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