IF comp 2010 – Gris et Jaune

October 22, 2010

Woo-hoo!  More zombies.

Serious zombies this time though.  Not a cry of ‘BRAINS….’ anywhere.  Can you really be a true zombie if you don’t cry ‘BRAINS…’ every now and again?

Zombies are the new black.

Even if they don’t cry ‘BRAINS…’,  at all.

I very nearly just posted a link to Emily Short’s review of this one.  Partly because i’m just lazy, but mainly because she said pretty much everything i thought needed to be said about this game.

I had thought it was just me that wondered ‘how was i supposed to know that then?’, but apparently not.  The writing is very good, but i really felt short-changed by a lot of the descriptions.  It was almost as though the author expected me to use the hints and the walkthrough and simply left it at that.

I also couldn’t help thinking that it must be very easy to cut off certain avenues by not doing something i should have done earlier that wasn’t perhaps that obvious in the first place.  I came to this conclusion due to my copious use of UNDO and the walkthrough because it seems that unless you follow the walkthrough from the start, you can’t just dip in to it to put yourself on the right track.  I died a few times, and even with the walkthrough i couldn’t get to a point where i could continue and simply found every avenue blocked from then on.  Having said that, i do tend to have a habit of missing the bloody obvious so it may just be me.

I’m not gonna go on about the dodgy bits in this one because apart from the above it was pretty good.  There was one bug i came across,

>listen to voice

[** Programming error: woman (object number 517237)  has no property talking3 to read **]

[** Programming error: woman (object number 517237)  has no property talking2 to read **]

[** Programming error: woman (object number 517237)  has no property talking to read **]
Her sweet voice floats over the fence.

which happened when i continually tried to listen to a woman’s sweet voice beneath the Cypress Tree, but it was just an odd little bug that’s probably a one off anyway.

So, i RESTARTed once and used the hints and walkthrough and UNDO lots and lots but still didn’t manage to get very far.  That said, i think it deserves an above average score if only for the quality of writing and the general professional feel of the thing.

And of course, i do like zombies.

This is getting an nice 7.  For the writing, the zombies, the numerous UNDOs and the feeling of frustration at getting blocked even when using the walkthrough.


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