IF comp 2010 – The Chronicler, not to be taken with alcohol!

October 15, 2010

Well, here we are again.

Lets see if we can’t get somewhere with this thing now.

One thing though.  It doesn’t half make your head hurt.

I’ve now gone from struggling to find more than 2 rooms on my first attempt, to finding 12(if you include Darkness as a room) on the next couple of attempts. Just in case anyone is interested, the rooms i’ve come across thus far are:-

Transfer Room
Bare Room
Large Room
Hallway 0
Power Room
South Intersection
Mining Area
Storeroom 0

…but i still find it all very frustrating.

Even though i quite like maps per se, i’m really not too keen on constantly interrupting my IF experience to add another room to my map, especially when you need to take into account past and future versions.  Oh, what i wouldn’t give for an auto-mapper.  I’m sure i read somewhere that an inform 7 auto-mapper was in the pipeline.  What a godsend that would be in a game like this one.  I wonder how it would cope  with the time travel and the bouncing back and forth between different areas at different times.

So anyway, this game is both very frustrating/annoying and very intriguing all at the same time.  The device you have to use or activate rather than simply press button has to be one of the most annoying little things i’ve come across in a long time.  I don’t understand the thinking behind it, especially since you can press both the green and white buttons with no problems at all.  Very odd.  Also, the lack of implementation when it comes to almost anything that’s mentioned anywhere at all.  I know the author didn’t finish, but even the simplest things have no description and so it takes a good deal away from the believability and immersion, and however much i want to forgive the author given the unfinished product, i just can’t help being a little annoyed by it.

But, as i said, it is an intriguing premise and all in all i really liked it.  Still didn’t get finished in the 2 hours but then i do tend to be slow when it comes to getting through a game i’m playing compared to others.  It’s a shame it wasn’t finished.  Apart from the fact that a couple of reviewers have said they didn’t play it because of its unfinished state and partly because those of us who did play it feel it would have been a pretty good game under different circumstance.

Hmmm…. how to weigh up the annoyance and frustration with the intrigue and promise.

I think i’m going to give it an okay 6 on the Riff scale.  For the  annoyance, frustration, lack of implementation, intriguing premise and future promise.

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