IF comp 2010 – The Chronicler

October 10, 2010

The Chronicler.  Sounds intriguing right?

The blurb says ‘A short game with a few interesting tricks.’

The help file says ‘Unfortunately, due to poor scheduling on my part it’s only half finished, or perhaps three-quarters.’


I have absolutely no idea what’s going on here. I turned to the help file almost immediately and make no apologies for it whatsoever. Said help file turns out not to be quite so helpful after all. I think with a game like this one, a walkthrough is absolutely essential.

Take this for example,

[…]Objects from the future with “past selves” are moved to the future version of the room where their past self is.


OK, i’m happy to admit that i’ve had a glass or three of the ol’ sauce tonight, but… what the f@#k…?

Now, i personally don’t mind if people enter games that aren’t finished.  I don’t even mind if the help file isn’t very helpful.  I really mind that there’s no walkthrough though, due primarily to the fact that i’m a self-confessed thickie and even though i enjoyed that comp a while back that was all about puzzles and so on and as it turned out i faired ok with most of those games(which i was proud of then and still am now incidentally)

I’m missing some really obvious stuff here.  I must be.  There are like two rooms as far as i can make out, the Transfer room and the Bare room.  There is also that area to the south blocked by rubble, but i just can’t seem to get past it.  I had thought that going back into the past, going south then activating the device, might solve that one, but no.  Then i found the walls seemed to be implemented to some degree(where almost nothing else in the game is) and so started to push them in turn, but to no avail.

>push wall
Which do you mean, the north wall, the south wall, the east wall, the west wall, the northeast wall, the northwest wall, the southeast wall or the southwest wall?

>north wall
You are unable to.

I repeated this with the e, s, and w walls and then gave up. I saw no point in trying the ne, se, sw, nw walls after this, given my failure so far.

At this point i simply tried going to different places(i had a whole two rooms to choose from) and activating the device in the hope that it might open something up to me, anything would have done, just so i knew something worked.  No.  Nothing.

So, you see my problem?  i’m afraid i didn’t have the foggiest idea what was going on at the start, and i’m none the wiser now.

Walkthrough time i think… oh wait, there isn’t one!


Hmmm… well, i suppose… f@#k i don’t know.  It looks like it could be good at some point in the future, but i don’t really have much to judge it on at the moment.  If it even had a walkthrough i might have been able to see just where i was going wrong and it might have shown itself to be an amazing piece of puzzlecraft in the making.  Unfortunately that’s a judgment i can’t make.

The only other thing that bugs me is the fact that i’ve spent much less than the usual 2 hours playing it, simply because there seems to be so little to do and everything i have tried turns up nothing.  I honestly can’t think of much else to try, at least at the moment.

I think i’m gonna leave it for now and come back to it.  Maybe it just needs a little perseverance.  And i have got plenty of the 2 hour limit left to play around with before i have to vote.  It would be unfair to the author to do anything else.

I feel an update looming…

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