IF comp 2010 – Divis Mortis

October 10, 2010

Stomach organ… <heh heh>

Ya gotta love a game that can say stomach organ and keep a straight face.

There’s other good stuff here too.

But stomach organ,  that’s just the best ever.

So, Divis Mortis.  It has a stomach organ in it!

In the About section, the author tells us,

Divis Mortis is improper Latin, meaning “alone, dead”.

Ok.  And then,

The inspiration for Divis Mortis comes from my own life.  I am rather fearful of a zombie attack, to the point where upon entering rooms I think about how to best barricade them, I make sure to stock up on blunt objects and canned food[…]

…er, wa’sat now?  I can give you the number of a good psychiatrist if you want.

So, the first thing we discover(and i mean the very first thing) is that the author’s a bit of a nutter.  This, i feel, is a good thing in this age of, ‘this is a hunt for your keys in your house game’. Yeah, i’m liking this girl already.

Ah-hah!  And here come the Zombies.   Zombies are so cool.  I really like Zombies(do i have to keep capitalizing Zombies? i’m gonna stop now).  When we’ve(who now…?) exhausted all the subject matter for IF games, zombies will still be there.  And yes, they’ll still be uber-cool.

Let’s go exploring then.


The Radiation Control room huh.  That sounds good.  Oooo… and dead people too.  And i just know those zombies are in the frame for it.  I’m that good at just knowing stuff.  Or maybe i just have a propensity to blame everything on zombies.  I’m betting it’s the later in most cases, but in this instance, i suspect my super-zombie-sense is right on the money.

[…]why can’t doors always be open?[…]

I knooowww right?

You realize that you are looking at an actual zombie.[…]

Wooaaaahh… an actual zombie.  Where’s my camera?

[…]You are not sure you can rely on the standard movie bite as the only mode of transmission.  It might be spread by more casual contact, or even airborne. You resolve to survive.

One of my better resolutions i feel.

The kitchen sounds like a nice place to be.  Lots of knives and shit.  Maybe some food.  Yep, the kitchen it is then.

[…]The power has apparently been off for some time now, as many of the bodies have started to melt into one another.

Yuckety-yuck i think…

So, things seem to be going quite well.  I kicked some zombie arse(but only the one so far) and have collected a whole host of shit(god only knows how i’m managing to carry it), and now i’m busy pushing a set of stepping blocks(some sort of portable steps i gather) around the place in order to use them to get past the blockage on the stairs.

I’m so glad most of the zombies seem to be outside.

Upstairs now with the help of those wonderful little stepping blocks.  Still no zombies around.  This place  seems to be a zombie no-go zone.  Perhaps they know something i don’t.  Anyway…

Woo-hoo…!  I found a magazine full of ammo for my gun.  Do bullets kill zombies?  Oh crap… DO BULLETS KILL ZOMBIES…!?  Oh right, they do.  I’ve now confirmed that in a very definite way by shooting at a zombie i found in the Restrooms.  Admittedly, he was injured and busily chewing on a guy at the time, so didn’t really notice me.  Still, the first shot didn’t kill him, and the second only gets him in the stomach organ(heh heh.  She said stomach organ) and then he runs at me and smashes his head to a pulp against the most convenient of walls.  I’m not complaining… just saying.  Handy, that wall.

And once again…  stomach organ  <heh heh>

I’m not doing too well at feeding myself though.  Even having found tins of food in the kitchen.  Nothing to open them with ya see.  I suppose i could shoot it.  Would that work i wonder?  But then i might need my ammo for zombie hunting later.  Meh… i’ll just wait ’till i’m on the brink of starving, then try it.  Ya see, can’t catch me out like that young lady.

I like going through people’s personal records don’t you?  So exciting.  Never know what you’ll find.  Lets see now.  Oh, so if you have cancer you’re immune to zombies?  Well,  that’ll put a smile on their little faces no doubt.  Party time there then.  ‘No little girl, you’re not gonna get eaten by that zombie, just by the cancer!  Isn’t that wonderful?’.  Big smiles all round then.  Think i’ll take this folder for later reference.

>get orange folder
That’s hardly portable.

Must be a f@#king huge folder.  Perhaps someone glued it to the table, then went and hid so they could laugh at me as i desperately attempt to pry it loose.  That one never gets old.

So, i’m liking this game.  I’m a little biased for two reasons though.  1) The author had me hooked from the outset when i quickly realised that she’s a complete head-job, and 2) I really love anything with zombies.  But there are numerous other reasons to love this game.  The overall presentation is of a high standard.  The odd minor niggle here and there like not being able to take something i really should be able to, but that sort of thing happens very rarely and is eminently forgivable given the fact that everything else is so well done.

I like it.  I like it a lot.

…and it has ZOMBIES!  <slurp>

You’re getting an awesome 8 girly.  For the general presentation, the subtle humour, the writing, the implementation, the stomach organ and the… ZOMBIES!  <slurp slurp>


  1. Honestly, it didn’t occur to me to see ‘stomach organ’ as funny… and it still doesn’t occur to me:

    Is there a shorter and clearer way to specify that you’re talking about someone’s inner workings, rather than their abdomen?

    • I was thinking, just stomach… maybe? I still think it’s hilarious. It just tickled me. And if nothing else, i liked the game that bit more because of it.

      Stomach organ…

      • Ok.

        Tell me — I’ve always wanted to know this — is your icon a Donnie Darko thing?


      • Heh heh… so tempting to say yes. But no.

        I used to play a priest of a God called Gufnork in a text based MUD. I met my God once. He was a large fluffy bunny sitting on a stone pedestal. Don’t think he was a black bunny now i come to think of it and he certainly didn’t have a bloody gash on his ear, but that’s what was on my mind when i chose it. To fluff someone was a common blessing as i remember too. So…

        I fluff you!

      • “I fluff you!”

        I am ambivalent about this.


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