IF comp 2010 – The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep

October 9, 2010

So, you weren’t satisfied with retelling the Bible once then.  Just had to do it again didn’t ya.

Hmmm… sheep huh?  Well they are fluffy i suppose.  That bodes well for a start.  And of course, where there’s a sheep there’s an innuendo.  Lots of innuendo’s in fact.

Ok then.  Lets go chase some sheep.

So, i seem to love my sheep then. And particularly the little lost one. I’ll bet she’s a looker. Yeah… that’s gotta be it.

Somehow, i manage to end the game before it’s even really started. Apparently, if you head off north and then keep going, as i did pretty much on auto-pilot then you end up finding your sheep, but he’s in a bad way, having become a drunk down-and-out and laying a bit of a guilt trip on you to boot. Oh and he’s a he, and his name’s Desmond.

> restart

So, i’m kinda wandering off in random directions now(while avoiding north) not really knowing why i’m bothering to chase this sheep any more, but i’m persisting for the timebeing.  After all, one field looks very much like another in no time at all.  Hang on now, there’s some bushes here, and rustling too.  Could it be that Desmond is in the bush? Well, yes. Yes it could.

Ok, so chasing him out of one bush just sends him into another, and again and again and…

ya know, i’m really not sure i have the desire to persue this sheep much longer, and i haven’t really been after it for very long anyway. Is that a good thing to be thinking i wonder? If it’d been a girly sheep now…  and anyway, i thought all sheep were girls. Aren’t male sheep rams? Perhaps i’m wrong, i dunno.

I suspect i’m gonna hit the hint system now.

Oh… yeah. Ok, burn the bushes. Fair enough.

So, suffice to say, i couldn’t get into this one at all. Although i did play through to the end, it was with the use of the hint system. I’d like to be feeling a little guilty about that but… well i think after playing the other Bible game, maybe my expectations were a little high with this one from the outset. Maybe that coloured my thinking. Maybe that’s unfair. Maybe.  But, when it comes down to it, this game just didn’t hold my attention, and i found myself just wishing the damn sheep would either simply jump into my arms so the game would end, or drop dead so the game would end.

The game itself was ok. It ran ok. There seemed to be lots of stuff implemented. It was all very much… ok.  And that was probably the main problem i think. It all felt a little like just going through the motions.  And with plenty of other games to play, i couldn’t help thinking, ‘Why am i persisting with this?’. I actually wonder if the author kinda felt the same in the end because it finishes rather abruptly and looking back over it, not a great deal happens, and the stuff that does just isn’t really enough to hold the attention or endear itself to me.

Still, it could have been worse. Things can always be worse.

A meh i think, which means a 5. For the OK-yness of it all.

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