IF comp 2010 – Rogue of the Multiverse

October 9, 2010

Rogue of the Multiverse?  Now that’s a name if ever i’ve heard one.

Of course it’s gonna be a sci-fi thingy… which is not gonna please me.

Still, i like the name.  So that’s a good start.

Lets go be a Rogue then.

I’m being awoken by a beeping sound. Yep. Always a classic sign of a sci-fi game looming on the horizon. I’ll bet there’s a metal walkway somewhere along the line too. I’ll bet there is. I just know it.

A number of armed cyborgs look down from the catwalk.

In my mind, that catwalk is a metal walkway.

Now, from here on in it all gets a little bit too linear.  There isn’t much for us to do except go forward and read what’s there, but in this instance i’m gonna forgive it this liberty-take, and i think you’ll see why as we proceed.

“Now,” Dr. Sliss says with a grin, “why don’t you step into the antechamber. There may be a banana in it for you!”

Ahhhhh, the ol’ banana gag.  Heh heh.  Can’t beat the ol’ banana gag.  Alien talks to human, human descended from monkey etc…  very nice.  I like it.  I’m warming to this sci-fi lark now.

So, it would appear i’m a prisoner being used to go through a matter transmitter type gizmo armed with my trusty little tagging device and scanner.  It’s all so simple when it’s explained to you by Dr. Sliss.  She’s not as sexy as i was hoping but hey, you can’t have everything.  So, the scanner tells me where to go, and believe me, you really need the scanner and then once it’s located an object you tag it, at which point it gets zapped back through the matter transmitter to some holding tanks.  You get paid for this too.  Which is good, cos you need to buy stuff to give to Sola, who’s this little white worm type guy in a toilet bowl(i kid you not).

Sola looks up at you from the toilet bowl.

Oh, and…

>flush toilet
You flush the toilet.

Sola gurgles, “Blub! You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

…and i do feel quite guilty about trying to flush him.  I swear i only did it because… well, he’s a little worm type guy in a toilet bowl.  If that’s not asking to be flushed i don’t know what is.  Not keys anyway…

And since we’re on the subject of funny stuff, you absolutely must visit the infirmary even if you’re not hurt.  The auto-doc is a blast.

>talk to doc
“Request for banana recorded,” the auto-doc says.

Heh, that banana gag just never gets old does it?

So, i managed to tag enough stuff to buy one item out of the three i needed(i think) to give to Sola.  I resorted to the walkthrough for the items or i’d have been there all week, since i overlooked the obvious and just didn’t bother my arse asking Sola anything of any import at all.  Jeez, someone shoot me will ya.

At this point i decided i’d seen as much as i needed to, to know whether this was a gem or just another trudge through just another game.  I’m very pleased to be able to report that it is indeed a little gem.  And the fact that i can say that about a sci-fi game just goes to show how damn fine this one is.  It rivals that Bible one(the first one with the star) for humour and good, well-rounded characters and was just a pleasure to play.  I really  ended up getting lost in it at times.

Very good.  Recommended.

Gets a 7.  For the humour, the characters(especially Sola) and the fact that it’s sci-fi.

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