IF comp 2010 – Gigantomania

October 8, 2010


Sweet!!  This is gonna be about a giant nubile young lady that suffers intense and unpredictable fits of mania if she doesn’t get her daily fix of long, luscious loving.

Yeah…  That’s what it’s about.

I love you Gigantomania.

You what now…? I’m in a where…? f@#k off!

Where’s Gigantomania? ya know… Big girl. Wearing a skimpy little bikini. Yeah… yeah… that’s the one. Russia you say? RUSSIA? What the f@#k’s she doing there?

So, i was wrong to a degree of wrong-ness that defies explanation, and then goes on to prove just how wrong a wrong chap can be. Still, i think maybe we’ll go with the giant scantily clad girl next time… if that’s ok with you.

It’s not that i didn’t think it was well done, exactly. Although making me harvest shit god only knows how many times and then PINGing me into a different character to have me do essentially the same thing over again, except this time in a steel works… well now, it’s just not really my idea of fun.

It was instructive, and well written(for the most part), and it did depress me to a degree that just made me want to quit, and yes, those clearly were the feelings you were trying to extract from me while i was playing, BUT… and it is a big but, in as much as i was really quite enjoying the whole feeling depressed, downtrodden kind of atmosphere, i found that it was all just a little too much in the end.  If truth be told, i stopped playing after about an hour(i think, i lose track).  I was PINGed into the body of someone working in Stalin’s offices, and as much as i would have liked to see what happened next, i was so depressed at this stage that my desire to see more was crushed by the certain knowledge that the more i was gonna see was just gonna be more of the same.

And that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing either.

Ok, mixed messages, i know.  Let me put it like this.  I really enjoyed the writing.  It was atmospheric and informative and really pulled me in(even given the annoying and constant harvesting(although i suspect that was a device used specifically to show how tiresome that way of life was)), it’s just that every one of the characters seemed to be either seriously downtrodden, or seriously uncaring.  Of course, we are talking about Stalinist Russia, so fair enough(in a sense), but even when i tried to kiss my wife(i’m tempted to crack a joke about reindeer at this point) i was told,

How I’d like to, but only after she gets better. I have work to do.

Why?  She’s my wife.  I want to kiss her.  Let me kiss her.

Anyway… I liked it because it really drew me in.  And that’s why i hated it too.  It just ended up depressing me.  Maybe it’s just the mood i’m in at the moment.  I could imagine playing it at some other time and breezing through to the end.  Just not this time.

Still, very good, in a very depressing sort of way.

So, on the Riff scale then, it gets a nice 7.  For the writing, the atmosphere, the depression and the lack of a giant scantily clad young lady.


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