IF comp 2010 – Hello…

October 7, 2010

My God, has it really been a year? Surely it can’t have been.  And it’s sooooo caught me out too.  I completely forgot it was on at all until i went on one of my semi-regular blitzes of all things IF and was hit head on by a wave of barely contained excitement.  It was at this point that i thought, ‘OH CRAP!, i’m missing it’, and so after recovering from the heart palpitations,  attempted to play catch up.

So, i’ll say it again for those of you(like me) that weren’t paying attention, ‘my God, has it really been a year?’. Maybe i should get religion or something before it’s too late.

Ok then magical randomizer thingy, do your worst.

The Bible Retold: Following a Star
The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep
Rogue of the Multiverse
The Chronicler
Divis Mortis
Death Off the Cuff
Gris et Jaune
Sons of the Cherry
Pen and Paint
The 12:54 to Asgard
Ninja’s Fate
One Eye Open
The People’s Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game
East Grove Hills
Flight of the Hummingbird
A quiet evening at home
Under, In Erebus
The Blind House
The Warbler’s Nest

Woah! The Bible? And retold too? Twice?

Spoo-oo-ky huh?

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