IF comp 2010 – heated

October 7, 2010

This is one of those games.

I’m not gonna pretend that this review is gonna be pretty.

It is what it is…


I’ve seen quite a few games like this now, and to be brutally honest i could have soooooo much fun with it(and not in a good way). It’s too easy at times to sit in judgment on someone else’s pride and joy and simply indulge in a complete and utter slag-fest. I suspect i may have done that last year in fact to one or two little gems.

I’m not gonna be that cruel this year.

Think i’ll just make a little list now and then quietly move on:-

1) This game has been very tested[…]

If you’re going to say stuff like that, make sure it’s true.

2) On the nightstand is an alarm.

Consider the fact that it might be nice to be original.

3) >hit alarm
You can’t reach it from here.

Unnecessary stuff.  Yes Infocom forced me to do something similar(almost identical in fact) in the Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, but that was then… this is now.

4) On the bathroom counter is your keys.


5) >get keys
There is sincerely no chance that your hands would survive dipping into that water.

Find better ways to lead into a puzzle.

6) In your key-fueled rage, you flush them to their final reward and give work the big middle finger.  Who needs a car anyway?

Be realistic, unless there’s a good reason not to.  Those keys really shouldn’t be flushable.

Now, i do understand that it’s a first attempt at writing a game and so on and so forth, but still… a game set in a house requiring me to do pretty tedious things to get hold of pretty tedious objects to enable me get to my pretty tedious destination doesn’t really endear me to the game, nor does it entice me to want to play it again.

On the plus side, everything was pretty solid and there were no errors(apart from the odd ignored input) or crashes.  Yes the grammar was a little off in places, but hey, if it’d been a more interesting story with well formed characters i really would have forgiven you.

I’m going with riff’s rating system this year so it gets a lame, which translates as a 4.  For the… well, all of the above really.

n.b. Having said all that, now that he’s lost his virginity, i’d be interested to see his next offering.


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