cgdc #7 – The Usher

February 19, 2010

zchtobl..? grimmel..?  flurrh..?

You what love?

You want me to what…?  To kill myself…?  You kidding…?

Oh, you are…  jolly good then.  Thought i was in trouble for a moment there.

Nice thingy…, by the way!

Though your zchtobl be adorable, he will not grimmel or flurrh when put to the test.

So, Bobo is a zchtobl. I thought he might be. And it’s always nice to know he’ll not grimmel or flurrh. I always say, if you’re gonna get a zchtobl, best not get one that grimmels or flurrhs.

And in so far as a transition to the afterlife goes,

May her transition to the afterlife be smooth, like a laxative, you remember from the ancient teachings.

I’ve often thought the transition to the afterlife might be like having diarrhoea. Looks like i was right.

Of course, the usual IF aggravation is present. Why do they put us through this. I mean, if i were to encounter a closed door or chest in my day to day life, it wouldn’t take a whole separate thought process to open it once i saw that it was closed. If it were open i’d look in it, if it were closed i would automatically open it and look in it. What is it that’s so difficult to understand about this?

Anyway, here’s said example,

>look in chest
You can’t see inside, since the Chest of Fond Remembrances is closed.

>open it
The Chest of Fond Remembrances creaks open.

>look in chest
Inside the chest is no sign of the previous queen and her husband. Not even any, um, stains. The chest features a soft silk lining.

Ok, look. I do like the premise of this one. Reminds me a little of that other one… you know…? Yeah, that one.

You may notice that these last few reviews are of the less rambling variety for a number of reasons really. One, i’ve a lot going on at the moment and so don’t have quite as much time to spend reviewing, and two, many of the things i’m moaning about in these reviews i’ve moaned about in many other reviews so i don’t really see the point in constantly repeating myself(even though i have done in the example above).

So, yes i liked the humour. I always like the humour. Humour is good in IF. Yes, the setting was quite original(even though we did see something similar in one of this comps. other games). As regards the puzzles, it was as good as you’d expect in this situation. There’s only so much you can do in an escape the room game i suppose.

4 out of 5. For the light humour, the delightful little Bobo and the usual IF annoyances.

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