cgdc #7 – Terminal

February 19, 2010

Would you believe there’s a nudie mag in this one?

I swear to the gods/god(delete as applicable), there damn well is.

…and you’ll never guess who it belongs to. Go on guess. Go on.

This is a great game. Cath turns out not to be an old ice queen after all. In fact, she clearly has some wonderfully sneaky all-too-human desires  <snigger>

>x bed
A simple bed, sized for one. Despite needing to have left in a hurry, she still took the time to tidy up the sheets. Knowing how she can be, this is no surprise

Sized for one? That’s actually specifically pointed out. Might as well just be done with it and say, “hey Cath, you sad old bint. No-one wants you. No-one is ever gonna want you. You might as well just forget any notion of a double bed sweetheart cos you just ain’t getting any action…, EVER!!”

And then, just to be absolutely sure she gets the message, “…and by the way Cath, never forget, you’re only a woman!”

Think she probably got the message there.

>look under bed
You find nothing of interest.

No surprises there then, ay Cath?

>x dresser
Catherine’s dresser. Despite having no real sex or gender, you would still feel guilty digging through a woman’s clothes. You leave it alone.

Like hell i do. No-one can be that dull, surely.

>open it
You open a dresser, revealing a nudie mag.

I knew it. Cath, you ol’ dog you… Hang on a sec though Cath. Aren’t you a woman? Well then, what are you doing with a nudie ma…

Ooohhhhh!, i seeeeeeeee…

>get mag

>x mag
The December ‘X3 issue. The model on the cover (“Ms. December”) is Cally Rink.

Cally Rink…? Is that even a name?

>x rink
You can’t see any such thing.

Oh, wait.

>x cally rink
You can’t see any such thing.

Aaaawwww…! come on, this is no time for a sodding default message matey. You damn well did that on purpose. I know ya did.

So, after all the excitement of Cath’s sordid little secret life, perhaps we should get back to the game. You’re an A.I. called Abe with control of a drone, who you then control in a bid to make yourself a body with which to escape into the world at large. Nice.

Some issues that won’t surprise anyone who’s played IF before, particularly comp. IF(sorry, but it’s true),

Taking all when in Cath’s room reveals an object(massive data storage module) that’s probably not supposed to be that easy to get hold of. It also gets you the two objects in the dresser drawer(which isn’t actually there until you attempt to open it) without opening it or even(as mentioned) knowing it’s there.

But these things are the usual little niggles i’ve come to expect of IF, and in particular comp. IF. That’s not to say it’s a good thing, but just that it’s never much of a surprise when i come across it.

Well, i’ve now opened the sensitive dynamics(always wanted to open one of them) and got the wet frame(sounds dirty Cath…, ya bad girl) and…

…and that’s all i’m gonna give you on this one. If you want to know more(and i hope you will), go play it. It’s worth it… if only for the nudie mag.

5 out of 5(just). For the nice little touches, the nudie mag. and that dirty little bad girl, Cath.


  1. I think the module was supposed to be pretty easy to get — you just have to “x pc” or “x desk” and it’s there. The drawer thing was a pain though. (In a new version, “take all” doesn’t get you the drawer contents — and there’s a runtime error as well. Oh dear.)

    By the way, the mag isn’t Cath’s — she stole it. Does that make her dirtier?

    • Damn…!

      I sooooo liked it better when i thought it was hers. I can just imagine her fertively entering her little corner shop, and that little knowing smile on the shopkeepers lips.

      Oh well…

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