cgdc #7 – Into the Open Sky

February 19, 2010

More sci-fi then.

I promise i didn’t purposely leave this til last.

Anyway, here it is then.

Gods help us…

The author’s clearly a fan of star wars then. But then who doesn’t like star wars. Could be worse stories. And, there’s the Bluebeard the pirate bit in there too. Which is nice.

I liked this bit,

[…]There’s a slot in the other arm that looks deep enough to slide a long thin object.

Oh yeah…?  you’ll be telling me your name’s Cath next and trying to show me your collection of nudie mags.

Now, given that this is sci-fi i think it’s safe to say that this isn’t going to be my favourite game of the comp., but it’s quite good in it’s own way. Plenty to read at any rate.

The puzzles aren’t mind-numbingly difficult and are hinted at more than enough. The little(or not so little) story that goes on as you’re doing stuff(generally finding stuff to do stuff with(but then what else?)) is probably pretty entertaining if you’re into that kind of stuff.

All in all, and bearing in mind i really don’t enjoy sci-fi IF(on the whole), this was good, quite well written with only the odd minor accepting-the-plural-but-not-the-singular type stuff here and there.

3 out of 5. For the story, the quality of writing, the nice little puzzles and the fact that it’s sci-fi.

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