cgdc #7 – Fragile Shells

February 19, 2010

Ah… space, the final fronti…

Aaawww… screw it! I hate sci-fi IF. I’ve said it before.

Hate sci-fi IF…

This was good though.

We’re on some kind of space station here. It’s had some kind of ka-boomy type of accident where lots of stuff has been blown up and what was aft is now fore and what was up is now nowhere etc…

If i liked sci-fi IF, i’d really like this. It was very polished, although i did come across the odd singular that wasn’t allowed when a plural was(or was it the other way round). But strictly speaking, this game is very puzzly, and has enough story behind it for it not to be boring, but…

Well, i just can’t get excited by sci-fi IF.

4 out of 5. For the polish and the fact that i’m not going to mark it down simply because I DON’T LIKE SCI-FI IF.

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  1. […] was also pleased by how my game was reviewed. Gruelove, Matt W., and the always-hilarious Jenni Polodna all had positive things to say about it. Jenni […]

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