cgdc #7 – Containment

February 19, 2010

Ya know, i like games where i can wander around endlessly exploring stuff. Makes me feel less claustrophobic. I think at this point i’ve kinda overdosed on the ol’ escape the room thingys, so this one was a nice change.

…and i’m security.

Security is so the best job. Just sitting in your little security office/porta-cabin/bunker with your notebook computer and it’s little toggly mega-super portable internet gizmo.


That’s not a verb I recognise.

Well, that’s at least a half point gone for a start then.

Hmmm… can eXamine the map, but can’t get it. Apparently it’s enough to have seen it. Huh! Photographic memory ay? Well, how about that. I always wanted one of those.

Well i can eXamine a lot of stuff actually, which is always a good thing. I can also look at the floor too. In fact, i’m actively encouraged to look at the floor. That’s spooky. Don’t you think that’s spooky?

Haven’t seen Jones around though. He’s due on tonight. Says so on the roster. Wonder if i’m gay? Wonder if i’m a man? Bet he’s the bitch. Name like Jones… yep, definitely the bitch. Hope he’s got a nice arse. One of those ones that just make you want to take a bite out of it. Yeah… bet it’s a nice arse…

So, anyway. Where were we?

Oh yeah. Valves. You’ll find there are loads and loads of valves in this one. It basically involves going from place to place, and level to level turning valves. Nothing wrong with that, as such. It’s quite well done in fact. Little indicator lights on little wall panels telling you what’s what and so on. Yeah, quite nice.

But… well, there’s an awful lot of turning valves. And i’ve come to like NPCs. Does Jones actually appear? I kinda gave up when i realized there was endless amounts of valve turning.

3 out of 5. For the ability to wander endlessly around, the insinuation of Jones being hot and gay(or was that just me?) and lots and lots of valve turning.

Oh, and… i’m not gay!

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