cgdc #7 – Dual Transform

February 17, 2010

Jesus Christ! This is f@*king amazing.

I’m only a little way in and yet, JESUS F@*KING CHRIST…

It’s f@*king amazing… did i say that already?

Well… i don’t care. It’s F@*KING amazing…!

Play it. Play it now!

It starts off with an equation. My first thought was, of course, WHAT THE F@*K, equations? As anybody’s would be. But then, i realised it wasn’t actually about maths at all. I thought i was good for figuring that out. Then i thought about it and thought, no… actually you’re not a genius, it’s just not about maths. Well, fair enough, i said to myself, i like a game that’s distinctly not about maths. I like that a lot.

So then it just turns weird. I was desperately trying to avoid doing any kind of maths, and in… well, desperation actually, i just typed,

>get equation
You cup your hand around the equation and compile. It shrinks obligingly into a small icon, which you take.

This is just what you were hoping for — a simple principle, from which an entire immersive world can grow. Now to drop it in the workspace and see what you get.

Ooooohhhh sweeeeeeet! I said with a big smile on my face. And that was the exact moment i fell in love with this game. So then i think to myself, hmmm… icon, huh? Ok, here goes then,

>drop icon
You raise the pressure icon, consider its intricacies, and release it into the workspace. It drifts away.

Smoothly, elegantly, the workspace turns inside out.

<drool… drool>

Not only can you drop suspicious looking equations into your very own little workspace only to have them turn the situation into a completely different(non-maths) one, but i can then do the same again, and again, and again to all the other little strange things i find in all the other strange ever changing dimensions.

And then, you can slip between the various different worlds/dimensions by simply touching the relevant icon.  And whats more you can then bring objects through to the different worlds/dimensions, and when you arrive, they may very well have turned into something entirely different.

F@*king brilliant…!!

It’s so rare for IF to provide a truly original idea, that when it does it just astonishes me. I start ranting about it, and rambling on and on about how great this is, and how, no matter what anybody says at any time in any country on any planet, I AM RIGHT…!

I could go on and on about how wonderful this game is. But, bugger it. I’ve no need to. I’m just gonna say,


10 out of 5. For being totally f@*king brilliant.

One comment

  1. Wow. Thanks.

    I’m glad it worked so well for you.

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