cgdc #7 – Party Foul

February 14, 2010

I hate these suburban cocktail party things. There’s always people there. Why are there always people everywhere? It’s just not funny anymore. I mean, can’t i just have one little life without all these people things running around the place. You’re just making the place look untidy ya know.

People huh..? <Plurgh>

Yep, this is another very funny one. I’ve always liked funny IF. I think it works very well. And this one follows through on what i was saying about the little pet in Zegrothenus, in that the NPCs in this are very well worked out, are constantly active, funny and believable too.

The puzzles were a bit of a love-hate relationship with me. I loved the way they fitted in nicely with the setting and the characters but hated the way i had to keep wandering from room to room to get stuff done. I also loved and hated the way i was constantly being pulled up short by Abbey(and others), and although i knew it was for a good reason, i still felt the frustration building to the point where i took a sneaky-peaky at pissy little girly’s review just to stop my head exploding.

Everything was implemented very nicely, including something else i’ve recently moaned about, namely the ability to eXamine the ceiling, floors and walls, which were all implemented here even though they didn’t strictly speaking need to be. And i’m still of the opinion that it helps to flesh out a game if all these little things give some sort of description, even if it’s one that has little bearing upon the puzzles or doesn’t move the game forward at all. It’s still good to see.

This one felt like a very polished game and played smoothly. The NPCs were of course numerous and very well handled, bringing the game to life very nicely.

The hints system was more than adequate, although i think a trick was missed by not integrating it into the characters’ conversations, unless of course it was and i just missed it, but i don’t think that’s the case.

Anyway, very enjoyable game.

4 out of 5. For the NPCs, the fun stuff and the love & hate puzzles.

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