cgdc #7 – The Manor At Whitby

February 13, 2010

[…]…visiting British relations, huh?

Hang on, i’m British.

[…]…in Whitby, huh?

Hang on, i’ve been to Whitby.

Are you following me Mr/Mrs/Ms L. E. Hall? Well, are you? I knew i spotted a man/woman(delete as applicable) in a black car with blacked out windows as i was exiting Tesco’s the other day.

That was you wasn’t it?

Well, WASN’T it…?

I know it was!

This one was quite atmospheric. I like the old strange, creepy things in the basement type stuff. And you just can’t go wrong with a bit of Cthulhu-esq occult ritual thrown in either.

There were lots of rooms in this one though, and i’m not quite sure where the escape bit came in either. I basically wandered around collecting various bits and pieces before heading off to the secret basement area to perform my dark and seedy little occult ritual.

Hmmm… wonder how this one managed to sneak into this comp?

Anyway, it was good in the sense that the descriptions were quite thorough and gradually built upon the strange, eerie atmosphere quite nicely. However, the NPCs came across as little more than room objects due to the fact that there was no real feeling of them being alive as such, and in fact for the most part i wasn’t able to interact with any of them other than to hit upon the correct thing to say to, which was usually just say yes(or something similar) and then read what scrolled up the screen.

And this was really the one major gripe i had, but it was a gripe that permeated the whole game. What i mean is that in almost every room description, there were plenty of things that were mentioned that simply gave a basic default message when eXamined. Some things even hinted that they wanted you to eXamine them further, and yet still gave the default. This is something that tends to get annoying very, very quickly which seems strange given the fact that clearly the author has put quite some work into setting up an eerie, strange, even dare i say, Lovecraftian atmosphere. It’s a shame that a little more time/effort wasn’t taken with the details.

Oh, and there’s just no excuse for not implementing some form of interaction with the cute little cat that is constantly wandering in and out. I tried absolutely everything here due to my love of the furry little critters, but no, just the same-ol’, same-ol’ default message. Don’t get me wrong, i liked the little cat wandering around. It hinted quite nicely at a little life to the place, but it ended there when it could have added so much more to the game.

So, this was one that promised so much, and even though it did deliver quite a lot, in truth, it simply fell short of it’s full promise.

Oh, by the way, i advise you to save when you get to the final puzzle in the basement. I died right before the end simply because i didn’t cut myself with the knife before beginning to chant.

I kinda felt a little cheated by that.

3 out of 5. For the atmosphere, the cat and the distinct lack of basic interaction.

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