cgdc #7 – Ka

February 12, 2010

This one looks interesting. A little different at first glance anyway. And i’ve always liked the whole Egyptian thing. They loved cats too you know. You can’t knock a person that likes cats.

I can sing in this one too. I like that. Singing in IF. That’s a definite area for future experimentation.

So, several good points there before we even start.

I wonder if it’ll hold up to closer examination.

First off you have to get out of your coffin(shouldn’t that be sarcophagus?) which entails singing numerous songs from your handy little book of songs of getting through the day. This in itself wouldn’t have bugged me. In fact, i liked the idea… right up to the point where i realised i was going to have to sing every song in the entire bloody book(well not quite, but it felt like it), each subsequent song enabling me to exit a coffin(sarcopha-sodding-gus!) only to find myself in another one. It becomes clear very quickly that i am in fact in numerous nested coffins(sarco-sodding-pha-bloody-gi!). I’ve purposely used the word numerous again to draw your attention to the numerous coffins(sar-sodding-co-bloody-pha-tossing-gi!) and therefore numerous songs that i must sing.

As it turns out, and after looking back over the script, it appears only to have been 6 songs that i had to sing(is that right?) but let me tell you, at the time it seemed like an awful lot more. Of course, if you count the incorrect songs i sang from time to time, it probably was closer to double that number, but hey… who’s counting?

Well, me actually. Me. I’m sodding counting.

…and i ain’t happy!

Here we have someone who’s had a good idea, and then killed it dead. Cold, stone, stinking dead. A couple of songs. A few songs maybe, but 6 songs which actually means a dozen(or more) by the time you’ve worked out which order to sing them in is just a bit too much like overkill for my liking.

[…]this chamber is nearly filled by your nested Burial Shrines.

You’re telling me!

The goddamn door to the west, once opened with another bout of singing still won’t let me through until i’ve dropped some stuff and then found some other stuff. So, i dutifully dropped some stuff and then found some other stuff, namely my coronation crook which is lying abandoned in the dust of the Antechamber to the south, and then sodded off through the arch to the west into the Solar Sphere which has among other things, a dear little mechanical scarab pushing a lacy ball around the room.

Now, it appears that there’s something in the ball that i must get, or get into for some reason. And it took me some time to get the timing right. In fact, you have to wait for this message,

The clockwork scarab is pushing its lacy metal ball down the west arc of the chamber. (In a moment it will come within your reach again as it crosses the bottom of the chamber.)

…and then,

>sing gold digger
Voicelessly you voice Gold Digger.

Gold seems like such a yielding material….

…then you’re able to,

>enter ball
You slip through the yielding gold wire.

Hooray… we’re inside. That only took… er, well, too bloody long is what it took actually. And that was with help from the walkthrough, which i have to say is a bit of a puzzle itself. I think a walkthrough should really just walk you through, not play games with you itself.

This next bit is a definite walkthrough section(again). I know, i’m a lightweight when it comes to puzzles, i’ve never denied it. But really, this part is begging to be re-written, or at least hinted at better.

Inside the cage there is a strap with a handle(obviously waiting to be pulled), a spool with a square hole in the bottom and a bellows(which you can’t use or pump but have to press). There’s also an obelisk in an amulet hanging in the darkness above. Here’s what this entails,

>pull strap
Pulling the strap spins the spool, fast. The strap pulls out of your hand and wraps itself around the spool again.

>press bellows
A fine mist sprays from the tiny bellows, blowing across the singed cone. A sharp, unfamiliar aroma fills the cage.

>sing gold digger
Voicelessly you voice Gold Digger.

Gold seems like such a yielding material….

You slip through the yielding gold lace. As the ball is just rolling across the top of the chamber, you fall out and tumble down onto the jewelled globe.

Now, you’re able to,

>get obelisk

And as if that wasn’t enough, you’ve now got to go back into the ball to put the obelisk in the little square hole in the bottom of the spool. Now all of this is all very well, but i’m clearly missing something here, namely, why? I mean, perhaps is has something to do with me not being able to get back out of the room. Perhaps i’ve not done it right. Have i not just solved this overly complex/under-hinted puzzle?(with walkthrough help of course)

I dunno. I just know that i can’t get out of the Solar Sphere room.

So, another look at the walkthrough then.


OUT! OUT! Are you fricking kidding me chummy? OUT? Well, let me tell ya matey, it doesn’t damn well do it for me.

God-damn stupid walkthrough.


Update will follow.

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