cgdc #7 – Ka, update

February 12, 2010

So, i’ve been winging to the author through the comments on the competition page.

He pointed out that i’d not actually solved the puzzle and therefore wasn’t able to leave the room. Hmmmm… ok. The whole bellows, strap, singing thing needed to be done twice to make the cage ignite. This then makes the arch appear/open up and allows us to move on with the game. Still seems a little too much like a puzzle without a reason to me though. I mean, i know this is an escape the room comp. but even so, surely there should be some rhyme or reason to the puzzles you come across.

That said, i only really have one problem with this game(so far), and that’s that the puzzles aren’t the easiest in the first place, and on top of that they’re not that well clued(although that may be better now due to the updates). But the fact that i had to take advise from the author(after already trying the walkthrough) about how to proceed kinda makes me think the details need a little attention. This is probably more of a compliment than anything, since this(and maybe the slightly tedious song after song after song at the start) is the only detriment to an otherwise excellent and really very polished game.

And i have to say, i’ve probably spent more time on this game than any other so far. I’ve enjoyed it and it is well written and well puzzled(a little too well in fact, although i notice the author has just uploaded an updated version which includes an updated walkthrough and more hints for the more difficult puzzles). So for all my ranting, i think this one may just end up in the top 3, and deservedly so too.

I still haven’t quite finished this one, although i’m pretty sure i’m not too far off, but i feel i’ve seen enough and have certainly spent enough time on it to be able to go ahead and score it now.

4 out of 5. For the setting, writing, immersive feel, originality, singing and the not-quite-clued-enough puzzles.


  1. Hi, it’s me, Dan Efran, the author of “Ka”. I’ve followed you here! 😉

    You say: “The whole bellows, strap, singing thing needed to be done twice to make the cage ignite…Still seems a little too much like a puzzle without a reason to me though.”

    As the author, I shouldn’t really be helping players so much…but I am sorry you didn’t “get” this puzzle. You didn’t actually have to do those things twice…the walkthrough sometimes recommends that you explore how objects behave before using them to solve puzzles, so that you might be able to work out the solution before you read it.

    (I believe you’ll have more fun if you use a game’s walkthrough as a crutch, not as a wheelchair. The purpose of a crutch is to help you get back on your feet….)

    Several players have been confused by the fact that my walkthrough doesn’t just hand you the answers without delay, as is traditional. I’ve added further annotations in the walkthrough to make this more obvious, and hopefully less confusing.

    The latest version does make the scarab puzzle’s clues more prominent, among other improvements, so I hope you’ll like it better now.

    Thanks for playing my game!

    • You do have a point actually. I do have a tendancy to throw the mouse across the room while screaming ‘f*@k you stupid game’, and then 10 minutes later, after the author(or another player/review etc) has pointed out what was probably more obvious than i gave it credit for, i pretty quickly realise how impatient i was and slink off with my tail between my legs while mumbling something about ‘life not being fair…’

      Still, if it’s any consolation, i stand by my assertion that this is one of the better games i’ve played so far(and i have at this point played most of them) and will, no doubt, end up in the top 3.

      Look forward to your next game.

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