cgdc #7 – Escape In The Dark

February 10, 2010

More darkness then. I’ll expect a grue you understand.

I’m a thief too.

Part of me would like to have been a thief. All that groping about in the dark for shiny stuff. Catherine Zeta-Jones squirming around in a skin-tight cat-suit with her bum in the air, while my good friend Sean Connery smiles his knowing little smile from the shadows.

Well, i can think of worse jobs…

No grues then?

You speak the word, but nothing happens. How did that adventurer do it? Perhaps you should have talked to him instead of repeatedly stealing his treasure.

Heh heh. Doesn’t make up for the lack of a grue of course, but then it’s always a nice little touch. Well, i think it is.

If i have one general complaint about this game, it’s that it suffers a little too much from guess the verb-i-tous, and… well, completely contradictory descriptions. For example,

>light torch
It’s already burning.

>x torch
An unlit torch. A precaution against this type of accident.

Small things i know, but it’s this type of thing that can make the difference between people liking your game(or at least giving it a chance) and people just plain looking for more of the same, in which case they may as well just give up and stop playing. And this is strange really, because i noticed a couple of nice little touches which a good deal of other games don’t generally tend to implement, such as dealing with multiple objects as standard.

>get tinderbox and torch
tinderbox: Taken.
torch: Taken

Again, these things aren’t earth-shattering implementations but i do think they help win the player over and give us a sense that maybe things aren’t that bad after all(even if they are). Another thing that i always find strange is when i’m able to eXamine everything in a room, but then it won’t let me look up(or down either come to that). I don’t know why it should bug me particularly, but ceilings(and floors) are annoyingly and almost always never implemented. And yes, i realise that most of the time they’re not even mentioned in the room description and therefore blah blah etc etc… but even so. Still aggravates me. Probably more than it should. So, anyway, it was nice to see this,

>look up
You can’t get a clear look at the ceiling.

Doesn’t affect the game-play either way of course, but it’s just one of those very simple, nice little touches that i don’t often see. And as a little note to other authors, when i’m eXamining stuff, i almost always look up and down. Just for future reference, you understand. Just in case you might want to… you know… well anyway. Enough about floors and ceilings i think.

So, the puzzles weren’t actually that difficult if you ignore the guess-the-verb problems, and the writing was simply ok rather than being anything memorable. A short, guess-the-verb type puzzler would sum it up then, i think.

3 out of 5. For xyzzy, the ability to look up, and the guess-the-verb stuff. Oh, and you might have got an extra point, but for the lack of a grue!

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