cgdc #7 – The Blueprint

February 9, 2010

Oooooooo…! The inquisition. Can you really have an escape-the-room comp. without a visit from the inquisition?

No. No you can’t. And here it is.

God, these starty-type bits are getting a bit short aren’t they? But then i am a great fan of lazy-i-tous(bet that’s not in the spell-checker). I’m also quite fond of tedium. You know where you are with tedium.

That’s why i love IF…

Well, i didn’t meeeeaaaan it, obviously, i swear. I DIDN’T!

Well, screw you too…

You wake up with splitting pain in your forehead. I know mate. I know.

So, i’m in darkness. Lots and lots of darkness. Nothing except darkness. Well, there are other things, of course there are but i’m buggered if i can figure out what to do to kick things off here. First i tried eXamining everything in sight(or not. As the case may be). No joy there. Aha. That suspicious little rectangular strip of light above me. Got you now my friend. No grues for me today.

>x light
It is pitch dark, and you can’t see a thing.


>x rectangular strip
It is pitch dark, and you can’t see a thing.

>x rectangle
It is pitch dark, and you can’t see a thing.

>x strip
It is pitch dark, and you can’t see a thing.

>x weak light
You can’t see any such thing.

Ok, what the f*@k is this about then? What on earth else can you do with a wimpy little rectangular strip of light?

No help from the good old competition page comments section. They’ve all breezed past this darkness-no-you-can’t-eXamine-anything-at-all-you-sad-useless-non-puzzle-solving-waste-of-an-IF-game, bit.

Sod this. This must be a walkthrough-time record, even for me.

>touch light
Waving your hands you realize that the light is too far above, but, you stumble across what you definitely think is a rope.

Touch light…? Touch sodding light…? Are you freaking kidding me chummy? I swear i already eXamined the stupid, sodding, wimpy little light. I did. I so did that. It’s right here in my all-empowering script on type script thingy.

You better do something super-duper sexy now game ‘cos you’ve only gone and annoyed me.

Well, at least i can see now. Lots of stuff to eXamine anyway.

>x lots of stuff

Not really, but kinda…  <snigger>

>x photograph
It is a sepia toned photograph wrinkled on some places in spite of your careful handling. Ione is ten. You miss her very much. In fact, you would give it all up, all the dreams, all the research just to see her one more time.

I love you, dad – written in shaky letters on the back of the photograph.

Aaaaawwww… look, i have a little girl. That is sooooooo sweet. I’ll bet she’s just the prettiest little thing you ever did see. I’ll bet she’s gonna be a heartbreaker too. I miss her. I’m almost certain i miss her.  In fact, it says i do.  See…?  It does, look.  It says it right there.  It says…  <ok, stopping now>

I’ve forgiven you now game. Ending was kinda short though.

>show figurine to guard
What is the meaning of this? – he insists but still grabs the figurine. At that moment you connect the charged capacitor to the nearest silver part. It discharges with force knocking the guard unconscious. No wonder the inquisition fears electricity. You take advantage of the moment, reach with your hand through the peephole and find the doorknob. Hopefully you’ll find your way out of the mess they brought you in.

…and apparently i do,

*** You have won ***

Well, damn. That was sudden!

3 out of 5. Before the photo.
4 out of 5. After the photo.  <…aaawwwww, i miss her>

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