cgdc #7 – Drama Queen 7: Mother knows best

February 9, 2010

Another secret agent.

Huh… i seem to remember this sort of thing happening with the IFcomp 09 where all i seemed to do was play sci-fi, which i don’t generally enjoy.  Secret agents do at least have that special little something, that certain kudos that makes you think, ‘yeah, i could have been one of them.  I just didn’t want to.’ Of course, this is only the second secret agent one i’ve played so far, so… not like the IFcomp at all then really.

Wonder if James Bond will be in it.  He will?  You’re shitting me?

Jolly good then.

First off, let me just point out if i haven’t already, that i’m not really a fan of games that seem to enjoy watching you die… all the time… like ALL the time. It gets old very quickly in my view. And this one doesn’t have the excuse that the other one did(what was that now? Wasn’t that a secret agent game too?) in that it doesn’t automatically revive you and therefore deflect some of the abuse and hurt i’m gonna throw at it’s author.

When i first started playing i was dying perhaps every 4 or 5 turns and was restarting and dying so swiftly that i almost didn’t need to think about it, or in fact anything at all and simply found myself going through the motions. There seemed little point in saving the game just before the die point due to my only having got a few turns into the game anyway. No incentive to make me keep playing so far.

There was some mild humour. I like humour in games and enjoyed it as far as it went, but it didn’t really infect me to the same degree as one or two other games i’ve played. Still, always nice, especially in the smaller, more niche themed games i feel.

There are some of the usual unimplemented room description objects and/or incorrect assumptions made by the parser, which is always annoying,

You hear a shoe ringing.

>answer shoe
(to the unconcious man)
There is no reply.

You cannot hear anything

It’s also possible to save yourself a bit of eXamining if you use the old favourite,

>take all

As we can see more clearly here,

>get up
You get off the bed.

You are now able to see more of the laboratory.

>take all
shoe: Taken.
suit: Taken.
unconcious man: That is not possible.
envelope: Taken.
letter: Taken.
secret document: Taken.
first page: Taken.
second page: Taken.
third page: Taken.
pen: Taken.
paper: That seems to belong to the unconcious man.
ventilation system: That is not possible.
desk: That is not possible.
table: That is not possible.
board: That is not possible.
gapdoor: That is not possible.
bed: That is not possible.
computer: That is not possible.
red bucket: That is not possible.
blue bucket: That is not possible.
bunsen burner: That is not possible.

Heh heh! Several items there i didn’t even know about and almost certainly shouldn’t have… yet.

I shouldn’t mock really, it’s probably an easily overlooked little doobrie, and once i’d done it the first time it’s my own damn fault if i keep doing it.  Also, i would just like to add, and not just in regard to this game, that i’ve been particularly impressed with the speed and dedication shown by the various game authors when it comes to bug fixes and updates.  Sometimes it’s been a matter of someone reporting a bug in the comments on the competition page only to have the author appear later on the self same day announcing that not only is it now fixed but that he’s adjusted this or tweaked that or poked the other.  Impressive.  Very impressive.

I’ve heard it said somewhere(probably in the comments again) that the timed puzzles at the start are a little harsh, which is what resulted in my frustration with the game initially. I think if we’d been given more of a chance before constantly being killed off, i might have been inclined to give this one a little more rope(with which to hang itself(only kidding)).

But if truth be told, the game wasn’t actually that bad, it’s just that it didn’t do anything for me that might make me want to persist with it and unfortunately it did quite a few little things that just made me want to ditch it. So i did.

I might add, that having cheated at one point and sneaked at the walkthrough(i tend to do stuff like that), i just couldn’t face the next couple of hours or more trying to figure all that stuff out for myself(it’ s not the longest of walkthroughs, but it’s certainly not short considering the nature of this comp). It just didn’t give me enough of a reason to keep slugging away at it. Strange really, because with the exception of some of the niggly little, oh-so-common annoyances and the odd big gripe(like dying!), it didn’t exactly make me hate it. I just couldn’t bring myself to care much about it.

Maybe it’s just the mood i’m in at the moment.

Maybe it’s not.

3 out of 5. For the… er… well the… erm… well i didn’t like dying! And there was no fluff anywhere. I like fluff.

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