cgdc #7 – Basic Train-ing

February 8, 2010

An infantry man is stuck on a train here.  I’ve a feeling i’m gonna have to help him escape.  Am i right?

Thought so.

How did i know that then, ay?

Oh. There’s not just an infantry man, who turns out to be plastic, but also a robot called ROBBY(what else?), who also turns out to be plastic, and a superhero with a grappling hook attached with a bit of string, who also turns out… blah blah blah etc.

I have to say i didn’t finish this one(and it’s really quite small). Had some nice little tricks but was a little buggy in places(nothing game-shattering, but still…) and annoyingly under-implemented for such a small game.

There’s a couple of good ideas here. Nothing i’ve not seen before, but then it’s difficult to think of stuff that’s not already been done. One of the things that made me smile was when i realised(i hope i’m right or i’ll look like a right twonk!) that the three characters are toys, and their prison(s) are in fact the boxes they’re packaged in. Quite cute. The other natty little trick is the ability to switch between the three characters, which worked very well in itself but ended up being it’s downfall in my view. You see, you have to change characters so often while you’re getting to grips with who is capable of doing what that by the time you do figure it out, you’ve lost interest anyway.

So, some good ideas but felt kind of empty(if i can put it that way). I think it relied a little too much on the fancy tricks at the expense of good ol’ fashioned story.

2 out of 5. For the tricks and the lack of much else.

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