cgdc #7 – Paint

February 7, 2010

Aha.  I used to paint.

I used to paint all kinds of things.  Things of wonderous beauty and strangeness.  And then i discovered words, and i saw that the words were good.  And thus, i went forth into the virtual world and henceforth annoyed the hell out of everybody i could by telling them just how bad their games-full-of-words are.  And all this i have achieved from the great ivory tower of not-having-written-one-myself.


Paint.  It’s short.  But longer than mine!

Quite a nice setting. You can practically smell the paint. The writing is vivid and even though it’s not booker-prize stuff(a compliment if ever i heard one) it really does have that knack of conjuring a certain lets-draw-him-in kind of atmosphere. It’s a shame it doesn’t last long enough. Not to worry Paul. It’s a charge laid at many a man’s bedstead. Although, not mine of course…

I must also call you out on one little thing Paul my ol’ friend.

I’m sure that if you WAITed, the Magisters would be along to unlock the door from the other side, but who knows how long that would take or how many lives would be lost in the waiting?

Ok.  I admit, you do warn me that i might be waiting for who-knows-how-long, but after 101 turns of waiting the first time and then 250 the second time, me-thinks you may be jesting.

And yes i do know how sad it was to actually try that.

So, a good start but… well, then it ended.  You seemed to have mislaid the middle bit matey.

2 out of 5.  For the atmospheric start and then not much else.

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