cgdc #7 – Monday, 16:30

February 7, 2010

How long is half an hour when you are bored and miserable?

How about when you’re in love?

Aaaww… isn’t that sweet?

I know being a manly man and all that shit, i really shouldn’t be so taken in by this love stuff. But i can’t help feeling this is just the method a person should use to get us to play their game. Emotional blackmail! Can’t beat it as an incentive you know. ‘Cos if you don’t play with me my poor little girly heart will break and i’ll cry my poor little girly tears and i’ll do that thing where i do the poor little girly sniffles and… and… <sniffle… sniffle…>

Hey, you don’t have to worry sweetie. I’m more than happy to play with you. Anytime you like. There, there…<snigger>

Get a grip man, she’s a character in a game.<sheesh>

This is the second time playing this one. Reading Pissy little girly’s review reminded me to go back and try again. The first time it pissed me off by refusing to let me fold paper into donkey even though when i x me, it said i knew how to do it. I may have given up too early there, since this also happened on the second playing, and right near the end too. It probably says something about the game when you think my heart nearly stopped at that point. Is that just sad do you think?

So, the humour was pretty good. Reminded me of that other one i played recently, er… Hoosegow. That was it. Liked the little gnome too. He was very well done i thought. Is this the first instance of a NPC attempting to teach a PC sign language in IF? If not, then i’d like to know what the others are. I’d also like to know if it’s real sign language. Be so cool if it is. Very good idea anyway. Although i never did get taught how to say hot, but it didn’t stop me from getting my little girly in the end. So, that’s alright then.

I too found the numerous bits of paper i collected a little confusing, especially towards the end. Numbering them kinda worked in it’s own way… well, no, ok it did work, but it was all very annoying when i’m sure something could have been done within the bounds of the story to realistically have the character get rid of the various bits of paper that aren’t needed along the way, especially since there’s no real puzzle about which bits are needed anyway. Also had problems copying the paper. put paper on copier doesn’t work but, put paper in copier does. This, believe it or not, had me stumped for a good few minutes before i headed for the walkthrough and sighed, while shaking my head, which is very bad, let me tell ya.

Minor gripes then for this one. Frustrating at times. Maybe due to my inability to solve puzzles without several attempts and lots of shouting at little people in computers that don’t actually exist. But i stand by my frustrating paper-juggling rant. Was a little unnecessary i feel. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have been quite so good if the paper-juggling wasn’t there. I dunno.

On the other hand i kinda feel bad for mentioning frustrations and gripes at all given the overall quality, depth and enjoyability of this game. So, i think we’ll just put those down to me and stick to saying, well done young man. Well done indeed.

4 out of 5. For the wonderfulness and the minor frustrations.

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