cgdc #7 – Roofed

February 5, 2010

Stuck on a roof, ay! Looking for spider silk, huh!

I don’t like spiders. Are there gonna be spiders?  Like silk though.

Don’t like heights either. Wonder how high this roof is?

Well anyway, let’s see if we can get our silk and scaddadle before we get eaten by spiders and thrown from a great height.

Warning: This is rather a long and spoilery one. Sorry.

I have a brother. He’s the good-looking one. Of course he is. Why wouldn’t he be? So, we’re both on a roof, having come up here looking for spider silk which is one of those precious little commodities that are strange and interesting. You know, the kind you never get in real life. That’s why i like IF, and why life sucks so very, very much. Sucky!

Now, i might add i’m writing this after the event, so if this review makes no sense(i mean less sense than the others which make no sense(i think)) then Conrad’s your man, since it was his esteemed self who pointed out that writing reviews while playing resulted in reviews that didn’t tend to be very analytical.

Maybe. Maybe.

I think i tried this method a little while ago with Deadline Enchanter, which i don’t think really made a great difference one way or the other. Anyway, if truth be told, i just got so wrapped up in the puzzles and stuff in this one that i just plain forgot to write about it at the same time. So i’m doing it now. Am still gonna blame Conrad though. Just because i can. So there.

So, we’re on the roof, me and dear ol’ bro. and looking for silk, of the spidery kind. I’m currently half way up a chimney and unable to climb further. I can climb back down though, so that’s what i do. Exploring seems like a likely thing to try at this point since i’m not able to get anywhere chimney-wise, and anyhow, Anton’s doing just that. Must be a hint. The little roof garden area has a little veggie patch. Huh, that’s kinda cute. Must be something to do in here. I’ll bet there’s something exciting to do in here. Hmmmm… half buried plank of wood, obviously there for a puzzle solution later, and some veggies too. Who’d have thought it? And in a veggie patch too. Getting tired of being told i’m a wimp. It’s never easy to get huge planks of wood out of the ground. I try on a regular basis and have never managed it yet. Course, dear ol’ bro can do it, no problem, and even he has to get mad first. Bit like the hulk. And just as green.

Apparently there’s more than one way to do various different things in this little escapade. S’nice, that. I like lots of ways to do stuff. Shows thought and… and… stuff. S’nice.

One way to get the plank, is to make dear ol’ bro mad by throwing veggies at him(oh, how we laughed), who then transforms into the hulk, green stuff an’ all, and rips the wimpy little sucker from the ground kicking and screaming. You can even then eXamine dear ol’ bro to get a long description of what he looks like green and naked. You can. Yes you can!

So, when you’ve quite finished perving on your own brother, you now not only have a lovely plank of wood(one careful owner) but also the knowledge that the veggies are like some sort of organic bomb that explode into vines when they hit. You’ve become a terrorist. That’s what the hidden storyline is here. You’re that notorious veggie-bomber that lives under the cabbage patch. It’s a great little hidden plotline. See if you can find it…  <heh, heh!>

That plank comes in useful later.

Now, lets see. What else did i do? See, this is the problem with writing reviews using the well-known and trusted Conrad method. If you’re me(and i know that you are) you tend to forget the details quite quickly. And that means you have to use your brain and think hard about what just happened. And that means being not-lazy. So think goddamn-it. Think. Oh yeah, i remember, we can throw a veggie at the chimney which enables us to climb it, whereupon we spy across the way there(somewhere) that large splodge of spidey-gunk on top of the…something.

So let’s go there(wherever that is) and call our dear ol’ bro. over so we can use him as an inanimate object and climb the bugger to reach our prize. We also have to jump a little to reach it, but you knew that all along didn’t you? I did. Incidentally, the SCU, i think those were the initials we were given, which refers to the something-something-Unit can be obtained by asking dear ol’ bro. for it. I didn’t even know he had it until i got frustrated and peeked at the walkthrough.

So now we have our spidey-gunk and our plank and after gawking at the oo-ja-ma-flick brothers for a while(which i think you have to do whether you want to or not(it all gets so confusing when using the Conrad method(fun though))) we head over to the gap, where we earlier put our plank(oh, which we smeared with some spidey-gunk to make strong) and make our courageous escape.

So, that was good wasn’t it? And don’t forget the hidden plotlines i mentioned. You’ll kick yourself if you… oh never mind.

5 out of 5. For the humour, well written puzzles and stuff(that i forgot). Oh, and the hidden plotlines.


  1. You clearly are trying to get my attention, as you’ve posted my name several times in your post. I’ll just point out that I think reviewers should write the kind of reviews they want to.

    I made the ‘analytical’ comment because, toward my efforts in understanding the patterns of player response, I’ve been able to do more with some reviews than with others.

    Take care,


  2. I was almost stalking you for a bit there wasn’t i?

    I wasn’t entirely serious about changing the way i review either. It was more a matter of latching onto something you said and running with it for a while.

    I’m not sure anyone would be able to see much of a difference in any of my reviews anyway. Not even sure i can really.

    Still, it’s all fun.

    Good luck!

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