cgdc #7 – Lurid Dreams, update

February 5, 2010

There may be spoilers, but probably not.


Ya know the one thing(just one?) that really annoys me about IF these days? It’s games that have put soooooo much work into the setting, plot, storyline, characters etc and then truly disappoint on the basics. For example,

>walk forward
You can’t see any such thing.

I didn’t understand that sentence.

>walk forwards

This isn’t so hard, once you get the hang of it.

Oh, i seeeeeeee. So it understands walk forwards(with the ‘s’) but not walk forward(without the ‘s’). Well why the hell not? I mean, for the sake of all that’s… Ok. I’m calming down now. But really, would it have been so difficult to allow either option?

NOTE: Ignore that then, since i’ve just noticed in the comments on the competition page that Torgrim Mellum Stene(what a cool stonking name too!) has posted an update. Although i think he’s referring more to the Flash/JavaScript versions than the downloadable. Or not. I dunno how these technical do-dahs even work.

So. Well done that man.

Anyway, lets continue with our wet…uh, i mean Lurid Dreams and maybe then i can redeem myself. But probably not.

Unending Blackness. I feel a grue coming on. I love grues. I’m a gruelove-r. Oh, what? No grue? But Torgrim my ol’ son, you distinctly said Unending Blackness. That’s classic grue territory that is matey. I mean, it’s IF-101. Unending Blackness=grue. I dunno, what can ya do with these youngsters these days. They get ’emselves a fancy, high-follutin’ sounding name and they think they can go around not putting grues in Unending Blackness.

I’ve skeedaddled to my left now, which is always nice. Walking forwards now(with an ‘s’), and i’m wagging along quite nicely. Good, good, feel like we’re getting somewhere now. Sticking with forwards then since i’m having such fun wagging along…

Uh…! What? Dead? Noooooooooooooo!

***You never wake up.***

That’s what you think chummy. I’m restarting. I may glance surreptitiously at the walkthrough though. I know you won’t mind. Only, i seriously love this game and would really like to see how the rest of it turns out. Is there a bigger compliment than that do you think? I think it’s a big one.

Oh, and sorry about the forwards thing Torgrim. Hah! Such a cool name!

5 out of 5. For the setting, plot, characters, gameplay, almost instant game updates from Torgrim, the little funny bits, the re-play value and the coolest name a person ever did have.   <phew, is it over now?>

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