cgdc #7 – Critical Breach

February 5, 2010

A doddery old scientist, that’s you, locked in a titanium encased vault-like lab with a scorpig.

Heh, heh! Scorpig. Nice.

Let’s go then.

I liked the start a lot. Still not sure what it was about. Was i asleep? Was i dreaming? What the hell? Still, was a good start. At least i managed to get as far as waking up(if i was asleep, which i don’t think i was actually). Wonder if that was… no… no… couldn’t be.

I started off quite well i think. Found the keycard to activate the computer easily enough. Well, i know i had it all the time, but i didn’t know that i knew that i had it all the time until i knew that i knew that i had it all the time. See? Simple.

Got the old chip which i swear wasn’t there until upon the brink of giving up, i simply typed get chip at every opportunity and low-and-behold, i have a brand spanking new all-follutin’ old chip. I’m sure i must have cheated there, but i don’t care, since i got my chip.

This is where things started to go a little arse-upwards. After doing something which i forget, but which is option 3, or was it option 4 on the computer terminal? yes, option 4 i think, the scorpig is anaesthetised and the cage opens. At this point the scorpig, if i remember rightly(and there’s a very good chance i don’t) is safely out for count. Unfortunately, said count doesn’t appear to last too long, for after wandering off and basically taking everything which isn’t nailed down, i return to the cage to inject mr scorpig only to find him grinning up at me. Or is that down at me? Again, i forget. So now i’ve got a nasty looking scorpig loose in a titanium encased, very, very locked lab and absolutely no idea what to do about it.

I think a restart may be in order.


A few out of 5 so far. For the scorpig mainly.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the review!
    I didn’t really understood where you got stuck, but if you can give me more details I’ll try to fix it :p

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