cgdc #7 – Virtuality

February 3, 2010

The blurb :~

A two room escape game where you have to… escape. However, there are no doors, no windows, no secret-trapdoor-hidden-under-the-carpet! A dangerous, *tedious* game awaits you!

I always wonder a little about games that are described as *tedious* by their author.  Especially when they turn out to be right.  I dunno, maybe it’s an attempt at reverse psychology… but I doubt it!

The first time I played it, I got to turn 67. Not as far as one of the people who left a comment on the competition page itself, who got to turn 150(I think it was), but further than my second attempt at only 37 turns. Although, in my defense I did navigate away from the competition page and so that was the end of that(Flash interpreters huh? what’s them about?).

Anyway, the game is a true puzzle, in all senses of the word. I seem to be trying to get access to and use the VR(virtual reality) machine, which incidentally keeps prompting Bobby(computer? disembodied voice? pretty sure i was told, but… well, i’m drinking beer again) to keep prompting me to get access to and use the VR(virtual reality) machine.

Now I know I’m no good at puzzles. I’ve always known that, but still, I don’t need some bloody machine constantly reminding just how useless I am…

Maybe this game is just a little too puzzle-y for the likes of me, I dunno. Maybe it’s just as the author warned us in his blurb and the game is simply *tedious*. I suspect it’s actually neither of these. I suspect it’s more a matter of it not being hinted enough. I might add at this point that there are hints in this one, just not very helpful ones.

So, I’m stupid(no change there) and inept(nor there) and impatient(ditto…), but then again, what was it the author said again?

Oh yes… A dangerous, *tedious* game awaits you!

Huh! I rest my case.

2 out of 5. For the tedium.

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