cgdc #7 – The Cube

February 3, 2010

You’re too much the scientist to resort to magic.

Hee-hee.  Always a good start my friend.  Always a good start.

Lets continue…

Fair enough, a colour puzzle. Or is it fair enough? I mean, I know these are only small games, but even so, haven’t we seen all this before. It’s not that it’s done badly, just that it’s been done so many time before. I know my colours of the rainbow chummy. At least I do now that I’ve just googled it. But that’s not the point. The point you see… the point… well it’s…

Look, it’s a colour puzzle, no matter how you dress it up matey, it’s a sodding colour puzzle. And my point here is that when the entire game is one big colour puzzle, well it doesn’t really make me want to play very long.

I may well be missing something wonderful beyond the colour puzzles(plural, as far as I got), but the point is I don’t really care. Because to get to the wonderful parts I’ve got to go through at least 2, count ‘em, 2 colour puzzles. And I’m afraid with my limited patience, that just ain’t gonna happen.

Pretty colours though…

And I learnt(re-learnt) what the colours of the rainbow are.

Still… it’s a goddamn string of colour puzzles(unless it isn’t).

The end, no fluff of any kind.

2 out of 5.  For the pretty colours and… it’s just a colour puzzle!

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