cgdc #7 – Heavenly

February 3, 2010

Ok, first off, the game prints it’s banner and asks you to press space to continue. When I do as asked the game vanishes and returns to the original competition page. This happens in both the Flash and Javascript versions. Maybe it’s just a Firefox thing. I confess I didn’t try it with any other browsers.

So… after downloading the .z8 file instead, here’s what happened.

Lots of fluff in these games. Nice.

Fluff in the doom-laden couch effort(I think), fluff in heaven too. Who’d have thought there’d be so much fluff around.

Fluff is good. God says so.

So, as is usual in a Jim Aikin game, everything has very nice descriptions. A lot of the objects also have descriptions, and most of the usual things that you might be tempted to try are catered for.

The game itself is quite big(or does it just seem that way?) considering the rest(so far) have been pretty small. The characters, such as they are, are quite well done and make you believe in them, if only in a limited, superficial way.

I did find that I had to use the hints an awful lot considering the size of the game, which I always feel is a shame and perhaps an indication of where the author went wrong. After all, if I have to use hints this much, doesn’t it tell you that perhaps things are just that little bit more difficult than they need to be?

One instance in particular comes right at the end where you must instruct the little figure in the real world to do something bad(not nice). Since the figure is only ever described as a figure, you might think it fair to assume that in talking to the figure, you should use the word figure. But no. The correct syntax turns out to be,

>Man, steal

Now, at no point in the game have I been chastised for using the talk to, tell figure to system of conversation, or even told that the above method is an option. On top of that is the fact that figure, rather than man is used to refer to him in the room description.

I thought this was extremely unfair, and really tarnished my overall view of this otherwise polished game.

4 out of 5. For the unfair ending.  But minor fluff for the… er, well,  fluffy bits!


  1. the game prints it’s banner and asks you to press space to continue. When I do as asked the game vanishes and returns to the original competition page. This happens in both the Flash and Javascript versions. Maybe it’s just a Firefox thing.

    Yup. If the java/flash pane isn’t in focus, which roughly means if you went and did something else and didn’t click back in the game part of the window, then the browser takes “space” to mean “scroll down a page in the window.” So it just returned you to the bottom half of the window, where all the stuff from the competition page is still displayed.

    At least I think that’s probably what happened. I don’t understand browsers that well, which is why this keeps happening to me — and also the thing where backspace and return, when out of focus, revert to “back” and “refresh” respectively, which I HATE HATE HATE and would like to disable, because it’s occasionally eliminated long things I was typing into comment windows.

    (Pauses, looks around nervously.)

    Or, this time, it cut me off in the middle of one of the games — fortunately it was a game that (as it describes itself) doesn’t have any fiddly puzzle bits. Oooh, that sounds dirty.

  2. Heh heh. Thanks matt.

    I’ve actually resorted to downloading the games now since i’ve been having various(admittedly small) problems using the online interpreters.

  3. […] (as usual for Jim, excellent) hints relatively early on because of an interaction issue (the one Shane had), and — the game’s pretty short — I read through to the solution. Now, I have […]

  4. I’ve had no trouble with “man, steal”. It’s the usual way to issue orders to other characters in IF. And the figure is clearly described as a man.

    The game is satyric and has many nice descriptions (including Bach as heaven’s organist), but I think I only reached a bad ending or at least the game makes it look like one: it says Heaven is inescapable and that sounds very anticlimax to an escape game. I thought it’d be a game about the fall of Lucifer (escaping Heaven) or something, but alas, too short and unambitious…

    BTW, have you guys tried getting naked? 🙂

    • I must have missed the ‘man’ reference in the description. I remember ‘figure’ being used a couple of times and must have just latched onto that.

      Don’t really know how i missed it.

      Naked, eh? No, must admit, that’s one i’ll have to try.

      Good luck.

      • I guess the good luck means the game does have another ending after all? You *can* escape Heaven?

        If yes, gotta give it another spin, but I’ve already tried everything, both eating the damn cookie, trying to give it to the cherub, trying to sprinkle that powder myself — Gabriel nods, but it doesn’t advance the plot, I just have to make them do not nice things…

      • I really must be more careful what i say.

        Sometimes ‘good luck’ just means good luck! Although, that’s not to say there’s not a way to escape heaven.

        …and if you find it, i’d kill to know it.

        God bless.

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