cgdc #7 – Golden Shadow

February 3, 2010

Had problems using the Flash/Javascript player with this one too.  Just vanished back to the main competition page again.  Am really beginning to suspect this is something at my end now.

Anyhow, having downloaded the .zblorb file…

And donned my sunglasses…

The first time I played it, I played for maybe half an hour before getting pretty much nowhere, which is quite annoying as you can imagine. So, in the best tradition of me-like-people everywhere, I simply looked for other peoples reviews, or in this case, simply looked at the competition page’s comments for the game. And low-and-behold, the lamp turns out to be a dark light lamp!

Well, fluff me if I didn’t even think of it. Clearly other people did or I wouldn’t have seen the light at all(so to speak). Thank god for all you brainy types out there.

Well, with the dark lamp switched on, all becomes clear. The guilded room becomes a little less taxing on the ol’ peepers and things can actually be seen and interacted with now.

God, I feel sooooo stupid.

But then, who knew? Well, obviously someone did or it wouldn’t have been in the comments section. What’s the betting the ol’ dark light/lamp thingy isn’t entirely an original creation of this author?

Not saying the ol’ dark light isn’t a good little plot device. It clearly is, and gave me a little chuckle when the dark light/lamp was mentioned by some brain or other in the good ol’ comments, but… well I dunno really. I’m just saying, ya know??

I liked it. After the whole getting nowhere and having to restart after reading the comments. A few hints wouldn’t have gone amiss though. But I do like the idea, no matter where the idea originates.

It’s all over pretty quick after the lamp is switched on though, which makes me wonder just how entertaining it could have been for the brain that already knew about the dark light thing. Maybe it’s premature IF-aculation. I dunno. Never will. Just not that clever I’m afraid.

Very frustrating before the lamp, very good(if short) after the lamp.

2 out of 5. Before the lamp.
4 out of 5. After the lamp.

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