cgdc #7 – Couch of Doom

February 3, 2010

Aha!  A couch is involved.  And it’s Doom laden.

Can’t be bad.

Let’s at ’em then… or it, as the case may be.

A couch.  Hmmm!  Must be fluff involved somewhere.  We can but hope i suppose.

Here we go then…

Ah… another surreal little thingy. I do like these, even if it is all a dream/vision etc.

Fatal bug though, it does freeze at a certain point.

Said point being, you can’t open the cloud, but when you take it and enter it, the game does indeed lock. Is this another interpreter bug(am playing these games on the competition page’s Flash interpreter)  or a game bug? hmmmm… not sure really.

Anyway, i liked it for the few mins it lasted( Longer than this review, as it turns out).

But then i’m easily pleased.

2 out of 5. Because it freezes.

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