IF comp 2009 – How i scored ’em

November 14, 2009

Well, it’s all over bar the shouting.  I wonder if there’ll be much shouting.  Wonder why people even say that anyway.  Wonder why i said it.

So, i’ ve played them all, some of them i’ve played far more than they deserved.  Some i’ve come back to and played again much to my own wonderment.  And some i simply played because i had to(so to speak) to enable me to rate them.

In the end i have to say, i very much enjoyed playing and reviewing them all(even the annoying ones).

Thanks to all the authors.

And thanks to all the reviewers too.

And now, the scores.

7  Beta Tester (beta/Beta Tester.z8)
4  Interface (interface/Interface.z8)
5  Grounded In Space (gis/GiS.gblorb)
6  Byzantine Perspective (byzantine/byzantine_perspective.zblorb)
1  The Ascot (ynkaboom/YNKaboom.taf)
7  The Duel in the Snow (duelinthesnow/duel.z8)
2  Star Hunter (hunter/hunter.z5)
4  The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man (invisible/invisible.z8)
9  Rover’s Day Out (rover/rover.gblorb)
8 Yon Astounding Castle! of some sort(astoundingcastle/asoundingcastle.taf)
1  The Hangover (hangover/hangover.taf)
8  Snowquest (snowquest/Snowquest.zblorb)
8  Resonance (resonance/resonance.gblorb)
NR Trap Cave (trapcave/nxi.exe)
9  Earl Grey (earlgrey/earlgrey.ulx)
5  Condemned (condemned/condemned.z5)
5  Gleaming the Verb (gleaming/gleaming.z5)
6  The Duel That Spanned the Ages (duelthatspanned/duel.z8)
9  Broken Legs (broken/Broken Legs.gblorb)
3  zork, buried chaos (zorkburiedchaos/zork, buried chaos.zblorb)
5  The Grand Quest (grandquest/TheGrandQuest.z5)
4  Eruption (eruption/eruption.z5)
7  GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands! (gatoron/gatoron.z5)
4  Spelunker’s Quest (spelunkers/Spelunker’s Quest.zblorb)



Thanks for having me…

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