IF comp 2009 – Yon Astounding Castle! update

November 9, 2009

Ya know, i really don’t know my own mind on this one.

I want to like it, i really do, but find it extremely annoying.  I think it wants to give me a good time but just, well there’s no other way to put it, it annoys me.  It also wants me to explore and enjoy and laugh and, yes, yes i’ve done all those things.

But it’s damned bloody annoying.

It just sodding IS.

So even though i hate it(i don’t, i love it) and i’m pretty sure it hates me too(no, no it loves me), it would not be fair to Not Rate this one.  It’s hateful, and yet sweet and endearing.  It wants to cuddle me to death and yet desires nothing more than to watch me die slowly and painfully while i look lovingly into it’s big, beautiful eyes.  And i find i want to kiss it and cuddle it and, and… hell, i dunno!

But it’s so very sweet and so very, very fluffy.  And there are so few truly sweet AND fluffy things left in life.

I think i like it.

I do, i do.  I really like it.

I’m ‘a give it a big, big score.  Just because it’s so hatefully lovable.

Well done(i think).

This has been a non-review of Yon Astounding Castle.

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