IF comp 2009 – Eruption

November 6, 2009

Eruption… <big drum-roll, clash of cymbals>

Are you ever famous my friend.  There’s people and stuff been fighting over you.  Boys, Girlys, famous and er… not.  Yep, you’ve brought them all out of their deep, dark holes fists flying.  My word, but you are famous.

Why have you caused so much unrest amongst the big and the beautiful?  (…and the short and ugly!?!)

Well, lets don our armour, clench our fists before us, and enter the fray shall we?

Oh gods.  It’s another cave. <groan>

Yep.  A cave.  We wake up in a cave.  Good thing is it’s not a cave crawl.  It’s just where we wake up.  Or is it my home?  It’s kinda insinuating i’m a bit of a cave dweller.  Is that what i am?  Am i a cave dweller?

Why do they do this?

>cut cloth with knife You pull out your trusty pocket-knife and slash the cloth open. Sure enough there was something inside: a pair of long, wooden oars, of the kind used with the typical fishing boats of the island.

[Your score has just gone up by one point.]

My score?  But i’m wandering around another place, another time(maybe).  What’s the idea breaking my little dream world with your little square brackets an’ all.  I’ve never liked it, and i never will.  Just… enough with the scores now.  Please.

The shack door is closed.

>unlock door
What do you want to unlock the shack door with?

ah hah!  That Pissy Little girly will be… well, pissed.  Lets try a key shall we?

You unlock the shack door.

Woo-hoo.  Who’d have thought a key would work?  Apart from Pissy Little girly of course.  And me too, apparently.  hmmmm… now i need water.  Just how long is this journey across the ol’ briny then?  Do i really want to see these friends of mine again anyway?  Bastards left me to burn.  I’d have been all crispy and crumbly, not to mention alone.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU UTTER, UTTER BASTARDS.

Anyway, found a bottle now, which is convenient, and that stream seems to be cropping up a lot lately.

Yep, thought so.  That’s the water taken care of then.  Uh! well, this isn’t going too bad at all.  I wonder why?  I must be doing something wrong.  And i have the only breadfruit left on the breadfruit trees too.  I’m a fricking genius.  That’s what it is.  I’m just a fricking genius.

Now, back to the little boat left by that BASTARD friend of mine and off we go.


You row the boat over the reefs, raise the sail, and sail off into the north. You haven’t gone very far when a loud blast makes you turn around, to see that the Island, which was still a large triangle on the horizon last time you looked, has disappeared almost completely.  In its place are just a couple of pointy cliffs, and an enormous, fast expanding cloud of gas, dust and debris.  The volcano has exploded!  More by luck than by craft you manage to avoid the rubble that falls down around you, and after a couple of days, you arrive at the Northern Islands, where you find your friends have safely arrived the morning before. Life in your new home is good, but you make sure you never fall asleep in caves again.

*** You have won ***

In that game you scored 5 out of a possible 5, in 113 turns, meaning that you have escaped from a big blast.

Wow!  That was quick.  Was it supposed to be that quick.  I’m usually sooooo slow too.

Well, well, well.  Don’t know what that was all about really.  Was far from difficult.  Writing wasn’t bad.  Story wasn’t, well… wasn’t there really, but i’ve come across worse.  Nope.  Can’t honestly see what all the fuss was about.

Yeah.  It was er… Yeah!

Still, i won.  So that’s alright then.

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