IF comp 2009 – The Duel That Spanned the Ages

October 29, 2009

I’m not going to labour the point.  Ya know, the one where i tell you over and over again that i really don’t like sci-fi in IF.

This one however, turned out to be pretty well done.

I still don’t think i’m ever going to be the type that gets immense enjoyment from this genre though.

So, we’re some kinda future hero-soldier with our cool, futuristic talking armour and our obligatory super-duper weapons and shit.  Nice.  And we’re gonna go find some people or at least find out what happened to ’em.  And then there’s futuristic creatures and stuff too.

Hope that’s not too spoilery.  Don’t think it gives much away anyway.

So, enjoy.  I kiiinnnnnda did.

This is another of those big, sprawling wandering around shooting shit kinda things.  It would(and probably has) work as a full, 3D graphics game just as easily.  Strange thing is, although i’m not into this kind of thing whether it’s graphics or IF, i actually prefer the text versions of games like this one.  Think it just seems more realistic and believable in my own head rather than on the screen in full graphics mode before me.

The hints are well done.  Very helpful.

I did feel a bit like i was playing an IF version of Aliens though.  It was very much that sort of thing.  The author is clearly a fan.  And as well implemented as this was, i still find myself unable to get too excited about it.  Yes, that’s partly to do with my dislike of the genre, but i think it can also be partially explained by been there, done that feel to it all.  There just wasn’t anything that surprised me or really shook me up or made me wonder or… well ya know, i’m sure.

But i’m not gonna get too down on it because it really was quite well done overall, and even keeps things on the just-enough-stress side without being frustrating to hold interest.  And that’s one of the other good points of this one.  The timing of the story is very good.  It moves you along at just the right pace and makes sure there’s plenty to do what with the various attackers and the odd timed puzzle(which i did enjoy, although i had to undo a few times).

It’s a general thumbs-up from me then, which is damned remarkable considering it’s sci-fi(and a little cliche ridden).

Not my favourite by a long shot, but far from the worst too.

Your fluff-ball is on its way.


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