IF comp 2009 – Broken Legs

October 29, 2009

This looks good.

Cover helps of course. I know it’s shallow of me, but it does show that the girly-type author(huh! the author’s a girly-type. Well, well, well!) has loved her little creation.

Does it show?

Well, yes. Yes it does. It always shows in my opinion, even when i haven’t liked the finished product very much, the time and effort and… yes, the love has shone through(ok, you can throw up now). But seriously, it is worth spending that little extra time and effort to polish your beloved a little(polish what? you perv.)

So, I’m gonna play this one again. After the comp. Just for the sheer pleasure of it. Yep, the sheeeeer pleasure.


Woooaaaaah!  I like the start.  Not only does it have a semi-colon in the very first paragraph(i mean… a semi-colon!), but it’s also bloody funny.  Oh and, bloody original too.  The writing is great too, look at this for example.

>who is kassandra block
Kassie is like what happens when God starts making a dancer and then stops before he can get the brains in and stuff.

That’s just too good.  Just too bloody good young lady. <hee-hee>

Almost everything has its own special little custom message.  Even stuff like this.

Think, Lottie, think!

I know, i know.  It’s just that it tickles me.  I think this game has been thought about, and then thought about again, and again until it was very nearly perfect.  And, i nearly forgot, it also implements ‘think’ which is always a good sign in any IF.

…having said that, i’m now having a bugger of a job actually getting anywhere.  It’s been getting steadily more and more difficult with each attempt at doing… well actually, with each attempt at doing anything at all.

Gonna have to find out just what the hell is going on.  walk-through time already.  dammit.

There are three major things you need to do before the auditions: greet Mary, get Seraphina out of her practice room and find the orientation memo to give to Rosanna.

Huh! Well i was never gonna figure this stuff out.  Already greeted mary, which is probably why she’s become my little stalker.  How hard can it be to get Seraphina out of a room?  Oh.  It’s that hard is it?  Found the memo though.  I knew it would be in there too. <big smiles>

Ok. This is far more difficult than it needs to be.  For a start, the solutions to puzzles are way too complicated.  I was simply not gonna get that i had to pull the soundproofing out of the walls, then leave before pulling more out.  Especially when it tells me that if i continue for much longer it’s gonna be noticed.

>take soundproofing
(the foam)
As much as you really need to rip all this crap out and restore non-suckitude to Bridger College (there should be a scholarship for that) you can’t get any more without being obvious. And the stuff on the floor is too piddling.

So, really, are you gonna be able to solve this part without the walk-through even if you did figure out you needed to take the soundproofing in the first place.  And then, when i did follow the walk-through, i still struggled to get it right.  This can’t be right surely.  Things, even in IF, in fact, especially in IF, really do need to be more flexible than this if the puzzles are going to be this hard.

There are those annoying little bits which really don’t matter that much, yet still you can’t help but notice them.

>open handbag
Which do you mean, the juice-box purse or your handbag?

Which do you mean, the juice-box purse or your handbag?

>my handbag
(the juice-box purse)
The zipper’s broken so it’s basically always open. Why would anyone want a purse where all your stuff is out in the air?

But all this aside, i still can’t dislike the game.  The writing isn’t just intermittently good.  It’s excellent throughout and the funnys just keep coming and just keep getting better.  I can’t honestly say that the puzzles would be ok for someone who’s better at them than me(which is everyone) because i’d be so surprised if anyone at all found these puzzles fair or reasonable in any way.

And yet i still like it.  I think it’ll be one i’ll play after the comp closes.  I really do think it needs a lot more time than i have to give it at the moment given the 2 hour thing.  Especially when you consider that i’ve been playing for more than 2 hours now and have still not even got past the ‘before the auditions’ bit.  I turned to the walk-through towards the end of this 2 hour period, and even after following it twice now, i’ve still managed to get it wrong.  Yep, i’m that stupid.  And so, i think it says something about a game that even after it’s put me through hell and i’ve gotten absolutely nowhere, i still rate it.

Gonna have to try again.  Just gonna have to.

fluf…. ah screw it.

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