IF comp 2009 – Earl Grey

October 26, 2009

Stress, stress and more stress.

Bank holiday here.  Always a bit weird, these bank holiday weekends.  Anybody else got a headache?  I have.

So stressed!

Might be a short review, this one.

S’ very good though.

No, that wasn’t the review.  I’m just saying, S’ very good.  Well, i liked it anyway.

So, let’s go then.

I mentioned once before that i really like those games that have some sort of additional commentary or internal dialogue or strange little thoughts that accompany the main room description in some way, and it turns out this has just such a commentary in the form of little thoughts that appear underneath the little command prompt. And very funny they are too, and sometimes even helpful.

The idea behind this game is new, or at least new to me. Knocking letters out of one word to cast into another where doing so turns those words into new words which enable the story to move on. Nice idea i thought. But it’s the funny dialogue that really makes this game for me. I’m a great fan of humour in IF, and particularly so when it’s done well, as is certainly the case here. It’s unforced and well-timed and helpful too. What more could ya want? That’s right. Nothing.

If i have any kind of gripe at all it’s the fact that in a game like this where the entire thing revolves around making new words from other words, it was always going to be difficult(to say the least) to make sure all the relevant words are covered and more besides(otherwise you risk it being too linear). Even though this was done well, and must have been a bugger and a half to code, i found the walk-through was my constant companion because the PC tends to be left a little too much to themselves, and when you get someone like me attempting a game like this, it’s almost inevitable that i’m gonna be essentially forced into diving into the walk-through relatively early on and then not finding myself able to do without it from that moment on. That said, i wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this heartily to everyone. The main premise of knocking and casting letters is wonderful, while the humour is just spot on. I love it with a vengeance. And so will you, i’m certain of that.

Very good indeed. Loved it.

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