IF comp 2009 – Condemned

October 26, 2009

What the F**K man?  I mean, seriously now.  WHAT THE F**K?

At first i thought, my god someone’s getting hanged.  Then he gets his damned crucifix out.  And we’re not talking about a little iddy-biddy one on a gold chain here.  Oh no.  We’re talking a F**K – ASS one stashed in the garage.

I mean, WHAT THE F**K?

Just… get a puppy or something.

The grammar could use a little work. He’s trying to use his words. You can tell he’s trying to use his words, but just doesn’t quite manage to hit the nail on the head.

Your lips tremble with agony for what you know is going to happen soon.

This one’s very nearly my favourite.

The cross has things missing on it…

Oh ge’ez.  Now look what you made me do game.  I’m being mean again.  Although from what i’ve seen of this storyline so far, i’m not sure i can bring myself to feel too bad about it.  That could actually be a compliment too if you think about it.  I mean, it must have had some affect on me if it’s drawing out my darker side.  That takes some doing too, usually.

So, apart from the amusing grammar and the dubious storyline, we also have really huge(and i mean HUGE) text dumps.  One of them actually scrolls the entire length of the screen and then waits for a keypress before continuing.  This, by anyone’s standards is surely a bit much in an IF game.  I mean, i’m sure i wasn’t the only one that started to simply scan screen after screen of text for the interesting bits.   This is particularly irksome where at one point(for example)  all you can really do is talk to your sister numerous times, resulting in massive amounts of reading.  Not that i’m against it as a rule, but when the game is this depressing and the writing itself a little dodgy(although to be fair, there are also some good bits too) then it does begin to grate.

Oh, and i feel it only fair to mention the chances of sudden death too.  Not saying it happened often, just that i felt it a little unfair when it did happen, especially since taking another path does actually mention it.  Any-hoo, thought it worth pointing out.  Might have seemed a little fairer if the warning had shown up in another place instead(that’s all i’m saying).

Anyway, i confess i couldn’t bring myself to finish this one.  It was just too damned depressing in the end.

…and don’t forget to use you’re words little man!

No, you’re doing well.  You are, really.

I’m giving you fluff as we speak.

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