IF comp 2009 – Trap Cave

October 25, 2009

This game opens up into a DOS window!  A what?  A DOS window.  Ya know, one of those prehistoric things?  Ya knooooowwwwww?  Ya dooooooo!

Hah! who’d have thought that was gonna happen?  Not me that’s for sure.  But there it is, and right before my very own little beady’s.  Takes me right back that does.  May have to give an extra point just for the sheer bare-faced-cheek of using a bloody DOS window!(and yes, i know i’m over-doing the exclamation marks, but some people just warrant it)

So, we have our dear ol’ DOS window and a message from the author.

I am very sorry that the english version is only partially translated.  I put much effort into writing the original adventure in my language german, so I didn’t have enough time to translate the entire text in this game as the deadline was approaching.  Please, if you understand german I strongly recommend to play that version instead!

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Well, if anyone deserves an Aaaaahhhhhhhhh… sweet!, that little imploring message does, surely.  But, my simpering empathy wasn’t to last i’m afraid.  For what do we find when we start playing?  Yes, we find we are being forced along a certain pre-destined path.  No real choice at all.  Well, as far as i can make out.  It’s a little difficult to be 100% certain given the german descriptions, but i’m pretty sure anyway.  One reason i was able to deduce the linear storyline was because every option i chose took me to a description with the very same options beneath it, less one.  What i mean is, the previous options would reappear barring the one i had just chosen.  And what’s more, they would gradually vanish one after another until only two were left.  On a couple of occasions, i died(indicated by a neon green R.I.P.) after making my choice, which just confirmed my suspicions that nothing i chose to do was ever really my choice, but simply good(or bad) fortune if i happened to choose the author’s prescribed path.  So after a relatively short time i would simply end up taking whatever path the author had chosen for me.  This does not strike me as a good thing.  And it’s certainly not, as far as i can tell, interaction.

There was one good point though.  The ASCII title screen was actually quite well done.  Very effective.

But, all things considered, i’m not really sure if i should rate this one at all.  I do feel it was fundamentally flawed(even leaving aside the half english – half german), due to its linearity, so i could rate it on that i suppose.  But then, i can’t really rate the writing quality one way or another.

Hmmmmmmm… decisions, decisions.

OK.  I think that to be completely fair i would have to see it entirely in english, or spend a couple of years learning german.  And i can’t see me doing that any time soon.  So, this one will have to remain unrated pending a full english version.  Yep, i think i’m happy with that choice now.


Well, i’m glad that’s over then.  How was it for you?

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