IF comp 2009 – Snowquest

October 24, 2009

Might have to re-think the masculine-feminine thing i mentioned last time.  Nothing ever works out like it should, does it?  Anyhow, i’ll definitely use more girly-friendly pronouns from now on whenever i get the chance.  I promise.  How’s that?  Any good to ya?

Well, i tried.  I did.  I  swear! <sniff>

A Curious Tale by Eric Eve

Oh you josh, surely?  No?  You sure?  Quite sure?  hmmmmm…  well, if you say so.

Man, look at all those beta-creatures.  My word, what a good boy you are.  The queen will be pleased.

So, this has snow.  It has a great deal of snow.  It has a very great deal of snow.  But where, oh where, is santa?  I ask ya, santy anyone?  And not a sodding reindeer in sight either.  And all this snow too.  I mentioned the snow before, i know.  There was snow in that other game too as i recall.  What’s its name now?  Had a duel in it.  Anyway, this one has a lot more snow than that one.  I like snow.  Makes me think of chrimble.  So that’s alright then.

Curiouser and curiouser!

And here we  are in the snow.  Good start.  I like it already.  I’m slogging through the good ol’ wet-n-white here and am i ever loving it?  Well yes i am. <big grin>

Oh.  Dream sequence.  These things are the coolest.  Don’t care what anyone else thinks.  You just can’t beat a good dream sequence.

Sweet.  A unicorn.  What is this, Blade Runner?  I think i might follow it ya know.  Yeah, i am.  I’m gonna follow it.  That’d be cool.

>follow unicorn

Long Path
A long, wide path of beaten earth cuts east-west through the trees, running straight as far as you can see in both directions, while the path back to the southwest has become oddly indistinct. The sky forms a pure blue bowl above the trees, with the noonday sun throwing colours everywhere into sharp relief and the still air imparting an almost supernatural clarity to the woodland vista.

The white unicorn is standing a short way down the path.

The unicorn looks at you expectantly.

Nice.  follow unicorn works.  Love things that work, don’t you?

>go to unicorn
You find you cannot bring yourself to do that; it’s as if the unicorn is sacred.

It’s a noble but strangely tragic beast, with a single horn and a long golden mane.

As if startled by your approach, the white unicorn suddenly bolts off to the west.

Yeah, they’re prone to that.  I’ve noticed that as i make my way down to Tesco’s of an evening.  I see it looking wistfully at me as if to say ‘follow me, follow me’, so i follow her(they’re always female aren’t they?) and then it goes and bolts, galloping off across the car park like there’s no tomorrow.  And without paying too.  Bloody unicorns.

Ge’ez this dream sequence gonna end at all?  Well written though.  I can forgive a lot if it’s well written.

>ask priest about coffin
“Just play,” the priest tells you. “You must finish the game.”

Ooooooooo! ‘ark at ‘er! He’s already had a pop at me about hesitating to put the wreath(that was once a flower, that was once a woman etc) on the coffin, now he’s admonishing me to get on with it again.  Still,  i thought that was pretty funny.  And quite tongue-in-cheek-cool too.

Now i’m chasing a butterfly.  How’d that happen? What the buggery’s going on here?  Flying now.  Falling, falling, fall… ouch!  OK, i’ve hit the ground and woken up(’bout time).

Hmmmmm… more snow here.  Jolly good.

Hah!  A cave.  I would have been quite proud of myself for lighting the fire so quickly and without much noggin’ scratching, if it wasn’t for the fact that it was a pretty easy one to solve.  And i’m useless at puzzles as i’ve said before i think.  Anyhow, i still solved it without much trouble, so there!

And i have a stick left over.  That’s gotta come in useful.  I bet it comes in useful.

And what’s this then?  a wolf?  and look, i have my stick too.  Noooooooo.  It can’t possibly work.  A dog, sure.  But a wolf?  No, i can’t bring this glorious creature down to the level of a poodle.  I’d never forgive myself.  Ah screw it.

You’re carrying a wooden stick. You are wearing some thick clothes.

The wolf wags his tail like a dog.

poodle alert!  Poor thing.  How could you Eric(don’t mind me calling you Eric do you?), how could you?  Hang you’re head young man.

>throw stick
You throw the stick as hard as you can, and the wolf goes chasing after it, bounding out of sight. You wait for a moment or two to make sure he doesn’t return; he doesn’t, but you feel a dreadful premonition that you haven’t seen the last of him.

[Your score has just gone up by one point.]

woo-hoo.  2 points now;  Out of 96 admittedly, but… well screw you then.

Knew that stick would come in useful.

>talk to mundle
“You still haven’t asked me about your quest,” he observes.

You’re shitting me?  Quest?  No-one mentioned any damn quest.  Awwww crap!

>ask mundle about quest
“What quest?” you ask.

“I may not have called it a quest before(no kidding?!?), but you already know what you must do,” he tells you. “Go to Mount Farpoint and find the lost Book of Yashor. Read it there, and bring back its secrets. Others have tried — and failed — as well you know, but you are now our last hope.”

Really?  Last hope?  Me?  No.  I can’t believe you’re thinking of me.  You must have me confused with someone else.  No, really.  You must! <Aaaarrggghh!>

It kind of  goes on in this vein throughout as far as i can make out(and as far as i’ve got).  I stopped just short of the 2 hr mark.  suffice to say, this is very well written, feels polished, seems to think of almost everything(it certainly had a good response to everything i tried), is quite a cute little premise and has some great, ‘oh wow’ moments(although few and far between).

Overall, this is well worth the effort to play and will deserve the undoubtedly high placing it will receive.

Well done that man.

consider yourself fluffed.

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